Wednesday, 7 May 2014

AN OPEN LETTER TO SHRI NARENDRA MODI… would be Prime Minister of India

AN OPEN LETTER TO SHRI NARENDRA MODI…  would be Prime Minister of India…

Dear Sir,

I don’t know whether you will become the Prime of the Country, given the dynamics of Indian Politics.. Neverthless, let me confess that I have voted for your Party and I hope my vote counts… In the event your quest becomes a reality, here are few chores which I want you to give priority while in the office:-

1.       Bring Back all the Black Money which were stashed away in the Foreign banks, the so-called safe heavens by our Politicians and Industrialists over the years.. This should be on the top of your list of things to do. You should go after this Black money, irrespective of whether these guys are your friends or foes… Be it Ambanis, Adanis or Sonia Gandhis of the country. We want this money back into the treasuries of the nation.
2.       Once you have the money, please build up SUPER DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS for the country - Army, Navy and Airforce… Without an ultra modern Defense system in place, we are going to be sitting ducks to our neighbouring countries, especially China and Pakistan.
3.       We have Porus Border areas all over the country and as all kind of people have a free run moving in and out of our country, terrorists from Pakistan come and go at their own free will due to our weak LOC. Bangladeshis have pitched tent in our country for decades and they have become vote banks for our corrupt politicians. Nepali nationals become specialized in theft in urban Indian cities and run away to Nepal to lead a life of luxury with the ill gotten wealth. Chinese Army comes and spends the weekends within Indian Territory and we sit and fret hoping they will go away on their own. We cannot have a pint sized defense minister like Antony anymore as he is more worried about his squeaky clean image than the country’s woes.
PLEASE HANDLE CROSS BORDER TERRORISM with a firm hand. Have a look at the issue of POK. That is our land and we want it back. Screw Pakistan.
4.        The Naxalite menace has completely gone out of control in our country.  While there could be issues with the Adivasis and farmers, Govt needs to be cautious while handling this sensitive issue. We cannot allow these Naxalites to disturb the very functioning of the Society.  Armed struggle is a thing of past and no Democracy can tolerate such movements.  You need to look at the root cause of this issue, ensure that the poor land owners are not thrown out of their livelihood to cater to the needs of Industrialists who are hell bent on grabbing mineral-rich lands which belong to the people of the nation and we cannot allow rich to get richer and poor to get poorer by the day.

5.       Our Foreign Policy is in shambles, thanks to knee jerk policies adopted by the current UPA govt.
Even a small country like Maldives does not respect us. Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka – all are ready with their sharp knives to stab us in the back….The only friendly country left in our neighbourhood is Bhutan which needs us…Do we need to comment any further??
We need to have a firm Foreign Policy which is PRO INDIA and we need our voice to be heard in the International arena with respect and we need our rightful place under the sun…Let us have our glory days again!
6.        Revoke Article 370 in J&K. Has it benefited the people of the state? The answer is NO..It was supposed to be a temporary order but has come to stay permanently and hound us, all these years. Have a debate over it and get rid of it once and for all. Let us be ready for the consequences of it. It cannot be worst than what it has already become.
7.       AFSAA… Let it stay for a while. Until we have peace in J&K and Assam, until our neighbours learn to behave, until our own people stop supporting terror groups, we cannot allow our Army to become sitting ducks. Yes there will be abuse of power..There will be killings… there will be excesses…. But we need to look at the vastness of our country and the difficulty in managing it… Let Arundhati Roy and other human rights champions shout from roof tops. Let Army do their job and what you need to do is to maintain CHECK AND BALANCE…punish the guilty if they go overboard. But you cannot tell the army to bite the bullet with their hands tied..
8.       UNIFORM CIVIL CODE: - Is it a issue to be debated in the first place? India is a secular country which needs Uniform civil code… We cannot allow so called Minority religious factions to pressurize the rest of the people of the country to allow them to follow a separate Religious law to govern them. This will open up Pandoras box and there will be civil unrest which you need to handle.  What kind of freedom do Hindus have in Saudi and Pakistan?
9.       Inspite of being touted as future super power, 70% of India still depends upon agriculture and in turn they depend upon Monsoon for harvesting their land.  Failed monsoons have resulted in farmers ending up taking their lives and this has been an unending saga since the Independence.
In order to stem this problem, I want you to revisit the idea of “Garland of Rivers” linking various Indian rivers to maximize the water resources to help the farmers. Revisiting this idea and feasibility of this plan needs to be brought back to the drawing boards under your leadership.  If one Narmada River can change the landscape of Gujarat, interlinking of rivers across India should help us to get the best out of the land throughout the year.
10.   Our Education system has gone to dogs. There is no innovation..No forward thinking. It has become a money making business for power brokers and politicians and good education has become out of bound to most of the students across India. There has been Brain drain taking place in India for decades and you need to reverse this trend .
11.   Infrastructures:-- Good roads, Public Transport system , public utility, communication, job opportunities, affordable public health care  etc. is the key to Nation Building… Hope you get a grip over these issues.
12.   Law and Order: - Terrorists are having a free run in our country and our intelligence agencies are not up to the mark or can we call them “ toothless tigers”?? You need to empower them and make them more responsible. Be it RAW or CBI or even police forces - They need be free from the clutches of politicians. That is the key.
13.   Judiciary: We have cases pending in the court for over two decades and lakhs of cases are pending due to various reasons. This needs to be brought to healthy level.  Justice delayed is Justice denied…
14.   Corruption: - Do I have to spell it? This is the single-most problem which has been plaguing this country since the Independence..  No Political party is free of it, no organization is free from it... you have TIGER BY THE TAIL… Let us see how you are going to deal with it…
15.   There are few more issues which needs your attention such as:-
a)      Over Population
b)      Rapid urbanization
c)       High inflation
d)      High level of govt debts
e)      Balance of payments
f)       Rigid labor laws
g)      Poor sanitation
h)      Caste related violence
i)        Trade imbalance
j)        Lack of job opportunities

There are many more issues which I can think of but for the first 5 years, I hope you have enough in your plate to deal.  We are watching.


Raghav Uchil Talebadi
Navi Mumbai