Sunday, 22 December 2013

double speak by US

New york Times and Washington Post comments may be anthem to Americans, but it need not be gospel truth for us. I will rather go with our own Arnab Goswami's comments which is pro- India. There are few points for us to ponder here:- a) During his visit in the month of Nov, 2010, President Obama complimented and commended India's thriving vibrant Democracy and Judiciary system whereas his own official, the half caste Indian Attorney, Preet Bharara, chose to evacuate Maid's family, casting aspersions on India's Judiciary system which is a insult to entire India. b) Before pointing fingers at India's judicary system, US must try to check their system in place. The recent acquittal of George Zimmarmann, the white killer of a black boy, the decade old case of barbaric beating of Rodney King by racist white policemen, the evacuation of a US soldier from Japan who raped and killed a Japanese teenager, the killing of two pakistani civilians by a CIA agent Richard Davis in pakistan and his subsequent evacuation despite protest from Pakistan is dipsicable. c) they have been continously carrying out drone attacks on mountain areas of pakistan to flush out taliban terrorists despite pakistan's protests, violating their soverignty. d) The minimum wage to be paid to a maid under US Law is equivalent to the salary paid to Devyani, the Dy.Consulate by Indian Govt. In that case, It is Indian Govt which needs to look and revise the salary of all its consulate and diplomats so that they cud afford to pay their house maids or drivers.. All said and done, this Preet bharara character has got his own ambitious plan to position himself as a senator hence he is looking for soft targets like Indians to cement his position in American politics.''

Thursday, 19 December 2013


The best way to retaliate the high handed action of US concerning Devyani Khobragade is to grant asylum to Edward Snowden, the daring Whistle blower who has been granted temporary asylum by Russia. This wud be an ULTIMATE INSULT to UNCLE SAM... The so called strategic Partnership between India and US can go to hell... Damn Obama, damn that Half Indian Asshole Preet Barara, Newyork Atterney genera...l, damn their Press which gloats over their law, damn their stupid authorities who are racial to core and get sadistic pleasure out of groping women in the form of Cavity check... Let them keep all their HIB visas and shove it up ... It is time our Govt buck the trend of bending backwards to appease these egostic Americans...

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


US treats everyone, be it rich or poor or famous in the same coin. Remember Straus Kahn, World Bank President who was pulled out of Plane and handcuffed for committing rape of a Maid from the hotel?? But the core issue  is they have a rule for their own citizens across the globe and when it comes to other nationals, they have a different yard stick...that is where the problem is. There are half a  dozen incidents wherein their citizens were involved in murder, fraud and US govt leaves no stone un-turned in getting them free irrespective of their crime which is what bugs us. Remember the way they treated Abdul Kalam, the President to 1.2 billion people of India by making him to go thru body search, SRK, inspite of being a famous face has to go thru inordinate detention, so also George Fernandes who was our Defense Minister. The most of the US Govt authorities, especially the middle level personnel, are racial to the core and love to mistreat other nationals in the name of law as they get sadistic pleasure out of it. We Indians, inspite of getting our Independence from British, still suffer from  the mental block of " Master and Slave" and bend backwards to entertain the first white skin comes on our way. We need to get out of this stupid notion that Whites are superior to us. That is the first step. We need to learn from Chinese who are now out to get their pound of flesh after being fleeced by Japanese and other white race for centuries. Remember the Opium war which was waged against their population by British rendering almost all able bodied chinese addicted to it?? Now china is asserting their true ability and US and other European countries simply hating their guts. Coming back to this diplomatic row with US, though India is paying back them with right medicine and giving them eye ball to eye ball treatment, we shud not resort to stupid kneejerk reactions like removing the security road blocks across their Embassy in Delhi which is totally uncalled for. As a Host country,it is our duty to give proper security to all the Embassies. Yes we need to hit them where it hurts. US personnel, especially their diplomats loves to throw their weight around and we need to nip it at the bud. Stop giving them that extra bit comforts which they love. Check their treatment of Indian Employees in India and see whether they are paying them as per the rule. We need to scrutinize every details concerning their embassy and the dealings of their personnel. All said and done, historically, Democrats in US always been against India and it is Republican Presidents who always been good to India. For all his War mongering and questionable actions across the world, George Bush has always had a soft corner for India whereas we urban Indians love to deride him copying their own Press. President Obama is least bothered about India as in their scheme of things, it is Pakistan which is important for them and they are least bothered about India's border problem with Pakistan. Since they are pulling out of Afghanistan by end 2014, they need the passage thru Pakistan to remove their Defense Hardware hence already given over the top Defense and Economic aids to Pakistan to secure the passage. Due to inept handling of International issues and relationships with neighbouring countries, India has become a loner and friendless in the region except for perhaps Bhutan!!! However, it is time we assert ourselves and call spade a spade and put US in its own place and start flexing our muscles. India is a emerging economic power and US cannot ignore us for long. For that, we need a change of ideology and change of Govt at the Centre as UPA is toothless and rudderless.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

a case of Narcissicm

Charu Nivedita is suffering from Narcissicm and self-grandiose attitude... Calling India writers English not being very palatable and booker prize winner Adiga's "White Tiger"as boring is the proof of it. He makes an exception to Tarun Tej...pal's novel Älchemy of Desire"" which he brackets with some other world renouned writers which I will bet no one can read more than 10 pages which are boring to say the least. However his clarification in Asian age dated 30th november is laughable wherein he wrote after he got panned by all and sundry for his stupid support to Tarun Tejpal. He is still questioning the treatment given to Tarun , his family and his colleagues by the Press. Those who followed this case knows that what Tarun Tejpal has done, his flipflop and the action of his editor, Shoma chaudhary which shows the insensitivity towards the victim. Instead of sympethising with the victim, for whom he did't have any kind word in the entire article, he is asking the readers where were they when Tarun's novels made headlines in India and outside!!! Come on...What his fame and achievements got to do with this molestation? Since Tarun Tejpal has set a impeccable standard for himself thru Tehelka, he shud have behaved in a manner which befits his own cultivated image. Instead he chose to molest his own colleague who is like a daughter to him. Caesar's wife should be above suspecision...Tarun Tejpal, with his hauty hollier thou image, shud have remembers that but failed to do so...he have to pay the price for his indugence...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

An officer and a Gentleman

News of one more Officer-Jawan face-off, now at NCC Battalion in Punjab is disturbing and dangerous.   (Times of India dated 15th October) .  There has been numerous confrontation between them at various location and  time  in the past which is  on the rise. Any tension between officers and soldiers could trigger a breakdown in hierarchy and discipline besides deeply damaging the confidence and morale of troops at the sensitive postings. This worrisome trend needs to be investigated thoroughly without taking sides to understand the ground  realities and the remedial mechanism needs to be put in place to prevent further chasm in the relationship among them. Being a  sensitive and psychological subject, it needs unbiased human touch as usual Court Marshaling procedures involving all the parties is not going to eradicate the deep rooted simmering differences in the rank and file.

Soldiers these days are better educated and consequently better aware of their rights. However many of them are scarred in their duty due to prolonged deployment in monotonous and thankless counter-insurgency jobs.   At the same time, there has been  falling standards of control and command  among some of the undeserving officers who have risen to command units, is becoming a major cause for worry. The officer and soldier ties are extremely crucial and inherent in an Army Unit and ensuring healthy ties constitutes part of the responsibilities of the Man in charge.  Recently Defense Minister A.K.Antony advised the army top brass that various measures such as better man management, a better sensitized environment and adequate grievance redressal mechanism needs to be put in place to create lasting bondage.

As they say " When you are not a General, you belong to the Army, When you are a General, the Army belongs to you"  A officer is as good as the people he commands hence their good health, both physical and mental is of paramount importance to him and the country...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Raj Babbar's Darbar

The news of calling off  a serious and sensitive meeting midway by the Chairman of Parliamentary Advisory committee for Defence, Mr.Raj Babbar,  Congress MP is deplorable AND SHAMEFUL.  The meeting which reportedly started at  1510 hrs and called off at 1630 hrs on 9th October by Mr.Raj Babbar to allow member committee MPs to catch a business  class flight was attended by Defense secretary, DGMO and some of the top guns of Army, Navy and Air force,  primarily to discuss the repeated incursion at Keran Sector  by Pakistani sponsored terrorists and to take remedial actions.  Suchmeetings held at the cost of  tax payers money,  needs utmost attention and time and no participant can abandon it on any silly personal reasoning. 

 The question is, how did Mr.Raj Babar, former B-Grade Bollywood actor , could land  a plum  position of chairing a crucial meeting for which he does't possess  any visible  qualification or ability.  He has entered political arena as a Samajawadi party member,  eventually  skipped  over to Congress and possibly was given this plum  position as part of the gratification.   This report is a sort of evidence which shows Mr.Babbar's and his cacoon of  MP's lack of seriousness and  sensitivity to the issue at hand  and their lack of  respect and concern for the parliamentary activity and defense needs.   Unbridled participation in such key matters is need of the hour whereas these  MPs are reported  more interested in the corridors of power,  meeting officials and  ministers on the frequent mission of influence peddling. Ignoring committee work and frequent absence therefrom are tantamount to undermining Indian democracy from within. If MPs do not understand and attend to this all important and wholesome political task, who else will do this?

Monday, 30 September 2013


It is heart wrenching to go through the details of agony of the affected families in the aftermath of the Mazgaon building crash few days ago which resulted in death of over 61 people. In some cases, the entire families were wiped out and many were ended up orphans, homeless and destitutes.
The usual knee jerk reaction by the authorities by sacking, suspending and arresting the people who are responsible for this man made tragedy is not going to give any kind of relief to the affected families. What is the point in carrying out such reactive tactics aimed at calming the angry public whereas the proactive actions in time probably would have saved the people who perished in this crash. The most glaring fact is that the structure was under the care of BMC for quite sometime and their apathy and lethargic way of handling such issues is totally unacceptable. There are many more dilapidated buildings which are in the danger zone around Mumbai and the need of the hour is to take stock of the same and act on it without delay to prevent further loss of life and property.
What is dismaying is the comments by various Political leaders post tragedy, wherein everyone is talking about punishing the Guilty. It is easier for these Netas to sit on utopian heights and pass judgement on others, whereas they are equally responsible for this tragedy as the stack holders in the administration of the state. However the most annoying is the callous declaration of relief amounting to Rupees One lakh each to the next of kin of dead by Mr.Prathvi Raj Chauhan, CM of the state which is nothing but trivializing, dehumanizing and devaluing the common people who have perished in this tragedy. It goes to show the value of a common citizen's life in this mega city is cheaper than that of a pedigree dog.

Sunday, 29 September 2013


This is an open rebuttal  to Madam Katrina Lantos Swett, the so called Vice chairperson of US Commission on International religious freedom.

First of all, there is no application from Mr.Narendra Modi, to visit your revered land. Prima facie, he is not interested in visiting your so called "land of opportunties"as he is busy seeking better opportunity in the land where he has born.

He is one of the strong candidate for the PM position for the election in 2014 and we hope he gets elected.  In such a hypothetical scenerio, will you still oppose his entry into your holy land? Or will the commerce take precedence over your warped up philosophy of human abuse ?

Since you have touched upon the human abuse and religious freedom, can you please explain the role of United states of America in protecting it around the world??

Let us start with your own history as seen by rest of the world:-

1. Whole world knows what you did with Red Indians, the original Americans. Remember "Soldier Blue"?? You guys butchered the entire tribe including men, women and children and took away their land. Few who are remaining are left in so called "camps" away from the rich and glory of the modern America.

2. Slavery- I don't have to read "uncle toms cabin "or "Roots"to understand the slavery in America, the sweat and blood on which Rich white folks built their fortune. It needed one great man, Abraham Lincoln to abolish it. How did you repay him?.. You simply killed him.

3. Racial abuse- Same story once again. Martin Luther fought for the blacks and you guys shot him dead. We are not talking about 19th century.

4. What about your role in Nicargua or chile where in you dethroned democratically elected govt and brought back dictators who kow towed to your foreign policies.

5. Vietnam, you fought and lost, killed a generation of people, despiteTiainaman square massacre, you still went ahead and sealed trade pacts with china,you guys went into Iraq in search of WMD and found nothing but went ahead and demolished Iraq and now rebuilding it. Who gets the contract?? American companies. Who gets the cheap Iraqi oil? Americans..This war what America's politicians call it "humaitarian intervention"efforts which has cost 655000 human lives.  You have nothing against George Bush or Dick Chehney, who are responsible for this modern day massacre???

6. You people supported Taliban, rather invented Taliban to fight the Russians and now you are fighting Taliban in Afghanistan.. why? because of one man Osama.. Now that he is dead, you are packing your bag and coming back.. Afghanistan is left to the vultures. Taliban will come to roost.

7. Despite Pakistan being a terror heaven and most failed nation in the world, you are still pumping billions of dollars  there  to meet your lopsided objectives. You carryout Drone attacks all over afghanistan and part of pakistan to flush out torrorists but donot touch terror camps which are flourishing in POK and their sole purpose is to attack India... You look otherway... India be damned...

8. America is unable to provide security to its own people, property. It is chronically suffering from  violent crimes in every  state due to lax gun laws resulting in lack of proper protection to it own citizens.

9. The US Patriot Act and Homeland Security have clauses  giving the govt  power to monitor and block internet content in the name of NSA. That is why it has revoked the passport of Snowden, the whistle blower,  and wants to prosecute him for treason whereas he shud be honored for taking the lid off this scam. Now that the lid has blown, Your President wants to bring about changes in the act which shows that Govt is guilty.

10. America has the largest prison population in the world and the abuse of prisoners in detention centres is no secret anymore. It is no secret that there are more black people in American Jails than in the entire History of Slavery combined!!!

It is a known fact that Ethnic minorities in US have been suffering systematic widespread institutional discrimination . The recent judgement of freeing a Security guard of killing a black boy is the classic case of descrimination(  Zimmairmann case). Due to the discrimination, the black joblessness in US stands at whopping 21% . Poverty among blacks stand at 27.4% compare to the 8% among whites. And you are talking about minorities being discriminated in Gujarat under Mr.Modi. Last 10 years or so after 2002, there has been peace and prosperity in Gujarat which includes minority community whereas there has been wide spread periodic ethnic violence in other congress govt led states in India to which you have no objection??

As per a recent report from US, the minority Hindus in Pakistan are most abused in the whole of world. Post partition, Hindus who were a healthy 18% in Pakistan, now stands at abysmal 2%, most of them forced to convert, balance killed and forced to leave the country. Have you ever tried to stop issuing visa to any of the Pakistani leaders from visiting Your greast country? Name one of them? Rather, Zardari, their president gets invited to white house for photoshoot with your president and dinner to boot with!!! You have no problem with Pakistani Govt, despite such a damning report. At the same time , same minority community, which was only 3% post independence stands at 18% of the current population and still growing and prospering including in Gujarat.

US own human right abuse and tarnished records does not give it a chance preach moral,legal or political rights to act as world's "human rights justice" and place itself above other countries of the world.  Watchdog commission like yours release reports on Human rights practices year after year to blame and accuse other countries whereas you are the epitome of such abuses. It's time we ask you to look at your own grave human rights problems, stop UNPOPULAR PRACTICES OF TAKING HUMAN RIGHTS AS A POLITICAL INSTRUMENT FOR INTERFERENCE IN OTHER COUNTRIES INTERNAL AFFAIRS, thereby smearing the names of people and nations image  for seeking your own strategic interests. It's time US stop using double standards on human rights and pursuing hegemony under the pursued pretext of protecting human rights. It's time you set your own home right.. You are in no position to comment over rehabilitiation of Mr.Modi which is most insane comment to come from the shores of America.. Narendra Modi does't need you.. but United States of America  may need his help once he becomes the Prime Minister of India.

I rest my case...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Roger Federer- still a force to reckon with

How can one write off Roger Federer so soon? He is still a great serve and vally player and may be the last of the kind. He is still treat to watch on the court and a top draw. He may not be having a great run lately and with age catching up, he is vulnerable to youger players but the fact of the matter is that he has got so much more tennis left in him. For example, Tiger woods was totally invincible in the Game of Golf couple of years back and everyone was talking about him beating the record of Jack Niklaus who won 73 titles including 18 Majors in the span of 25 years.Tiger Wood has won 79 titles inlcuding 14 majors in the span of 18 years but his last US Msjor was won in the year 2008 and it has been five years sice he won a Major. The aura of invincibility has been uncovered and other Golfers are not afraid to face off Tiger anymore. Same with Roger Federer. He was unbeatable during his peak and with players like Djokovic, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal catching up with him, he may not find it easy to win a Grand Slam like US, Wimbledon, French and Australian Open again, but he is still capable of throwing a surprise. But with 17 grand slams( 4- australian,1- french, 5- US and 7 - Wimbledon), I doubt whether any of his current contemporaries have the capabilities to beat his record, nearest being Nadal at 12 grandslams. In this era of slambang tennis, Roger Federer will be seen as an outstanding player who has won all the grandslams including Olympic title. That shows the class of the man in this Era of Power Tennis.

Monday, 2 September 2013

creating a nation of beggars

Moguls enslaved us for 330 years( 1526-1857), British ruled us from 1608 to 1947 for about 339 years. Let the bygone be bygone...Never since the Independence, we felt so helpless? The mammoth Food Security Bill which got passed by the UPA Govt is the biggest scam ever played on the people of India, making us slave of this mindless idea of feeding the poor of the country which stands at 67% of the population. What exactly is the purpose of this bill? Who is going to bear the burden of it? If one has to go back into the history, it is the same MM Singh who famously said that the days of freebees are over in India... Why this about turn from that stand?  One can understand the need to feed the poor students in the schools across India. But to feed the poor of the country at the cost of Tax payers money looks untenable . Are we going to make a nation of Food Slaves in this country? Prima facia, even if we accept this grandiose idea, do we have the required  infrastructures in place for the storage, logistic supply and distribution of Food grains to the needy across India?


The need of the hour is to create job for able bodied people of the country thereby increased the productivity. Unfortunately we are going create able bodied beggars out of this population which will be too happy to receive the alms. To feed the poor of the country under this FSB, we are surely end up importing  Grains from foreign countries which alongwith our Fuel bill is going play havoc in our Current Account Deficit. FSB is going to be the biggest burden of Yoke which middle class of the country has bear forever.

what is the purpose?

Came across the news item appeared in DNA  dated 1st September 2013 under local vocal column  stating that a Doctor from  GT Hospital, Mumbai  was sentenced to 2 years RI for accepting Rs.1000/= bribe. This is such a shame. Though I do not endorse corruption at any level especially in such a noble profession, this punishment seems to be  too harsh and lacks in purpose. In a country like ours, where  so called Political Leaders  milk the nation of Crores of tax payers money thorough corrupt practices and still get away with it, here is an educated  doctor has to undergo rigorous prison sentence in the company of  hardened criminals. What is the purpose of this punishment? Does it have any deterrent factor about it?

.There could have been  many ways to punish him.  Firstly, they could have suspended his license to practice for a year or two depends upon the gravity of the case.   Secondly   they should have made him to carry out certain number of hours of free medical community service for the needy under strict monitoring and control by the authorities. This would have served two purposes. One, the needy would have got the benefit of free medical services and time for the accused to repent his action and get back to the main stream of the society. However our Justice system thought otherwise. It threw the rule book at this accused and punished him by closing the door of the society on his face. This action is so  thoughtless and  heartless which will only create a frustrated and sour individual who will eventually turn against the Society once he comes out of the jail.  Ours is a society  which allows politicians with criminal backgrounds to decide the destiny of the nation and here we are making an example of a educated person which is going to  have  detrimental effect on his future.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

game changer incident?

While congratulating the England Team for winning the Ashes in convincing fashion, one cannot but agree that this series has its share of controversies. Apart from the substandard on the field  Umpiring decisions coupled with  UDR blunders, Stuart Broad epitomized the modern cricket mentality of staying put on the crease despite knowing that he was out caught but  Assies were left feeling helpless having used their quota of appeals. Subsequent Media trial and  call by Australia Manager, Darren Lehmann asking Fans back home to prepare to give Broad a rowdy reception when England Team comes down under for return Tournament. The matter was defused after outcry by the media and ex.cricketers  and subsequent apology tendered by Lehmann to Stuart Broad. 
However the icing on the cake was the gross misconduct of urinating on the hallowed pitch of OVAL CRICKET GROUND by the supposedly intoxicated England players post winning Ashes series is totally unacceptable to the  civil world. There are ways and means to add insult to the injury  of the defeated opponent, but this act by some of the reputed English players is totally beyond anyone's comprehension. England is the birth place of cricket and they have been torch bearers of the Good conduct on and off the field for the cricket playing nations across the Globe for longtime.

 With the modernisation and evolving of cricket in different forms including day and night cricket , change in attitude and approach by cricketers and the paying public is expected. While Organizers keep a strict watch over the unruly spectators, this kind of over the top act by these british players is totally uncalled. Australian cricketers and Fans are known for their hyper arrogance and this pissing incident will only add fuel to their rivalry and I am sure Australians must be already frothing in their mouth and plotting for  revenge  which is going to be unsavory. Cricket is not going to  be a  gentleman's game anymore and the year end Ashes Tournament  in Australia is going be a Game changer in terms of Conduct and approach to it by both the teams. 

Though the players involved in this matter has issued their apology, the famed Assie Pride is now dented beyond repair hence it is prudent on part of both Team managements to sit together and decide on a plan to cool off the Frosty relationship and consign the matter of "urination of cricket" to the History. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

right to get paronoid?

While we are resigned to the fact that all the goods associated with Great Indian Festival Diwali and Holi, such as Fire crackers, water guns etc, now comes from the faraway factories of china, it is very dismaying to note this year that the streets of India were flooded with rakhis made in China as well! The novel concept of celebrating and cementing brother and sister's love by tieing the rakhi had been in practice for ages in parts of India and the traditional Indian made Rakhis used to flood the market, giving impetus to the traditional cottage and small scale Industries in India. It's such a shame that even something like "RAKHI" which has this truly rustic Indian holistic aura around it, is now comes from the remote factories of China which is something we cannot fathom . What is so difficult about making rakhis here? Is there a demand and supply issue in India or have we run out of manufacturing facilities? Is it a rocket science that only China has the technical knowhow and the ability to meet the deadlines? Is there any explanation for this traditional degradation and moral bankrumpcy of ideas?
This brings forth another question. Is there any festivals left in India for us to celebrate without getting generous helping hand of Chinese now? Dahi Handi? Pyramids? forget it..Last couple of years, Spanish teams have been coming to India to participate in this festival, and it is matter of time before China starts sending their team of acrobats to steal a march over Desi experts in breaking Dahi Handis in the bylanes of Parel, the heart of Mumbai.
It's a wake up call for us or else we will end up selling our soul by importing Grean and clean Ganapati statues from the shores of China as well which will be a final nail in our coffin. Am I not right in getting paronoid about it?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The usually reticent and reserved Mr. Rahul Gandhi convened a two day Workshop, on 22nd July at Jawahar Bhavan, New Delhi, to educate and advise his own over jealous congress spokespersons on the modalities and method of airing their opinion on various political issues while talking to Press on behalf of the Congress Party. He emphasized on some six finer points of “ code of conduct” such as, You are not your spokesperson but that of the Party, speak in one voice, Don't digress from the party line, Party will take note of those violating the norms, Counter the lies with Truth, Always speak the Truth and give facts, believe in positive politics, choose your words and language carefully as you belong to the party of Mahatma Gandhi etc.
However, within a month’s time, we have seen the result of the meet!
It seems the seasoned spokespersons misunderstood the whole concept of the “Mind your language”advise from Mr.Rahul Gandhi.!! They must have thought that the workshop is aimed at telling Mr.Narendra Modi to Mind his language!. Whether they believed in rest of the code of conduct or not, but all the congress spokespersons have made a point to speak in ‘one voice’. They attacked Mr. Narendra Modi soon after his Independence Day speech, calling him Frog, Fascist, Feku Obama, Kalanayak and Gangu Teli which was most vitriolic and vicious racist attack one has seen in recent times,crossing the limits of decency. If one goes through the speech given by Mr.Narendra Modi on the Independence Day from Lalan College grounds,Bhuj, there was no doubt that he went after the Prime Minister, ManMohan Singh, for his lack of conviction, lackadaisical approach and soft handling of foreign aggression etc, while addressing the nation from Red Fort, Delhi.
While Mr.Modi spoke about his own brand of vision for India 2014, he has been not called anyone from congress party in derogatory terms, whereas the congress spokespersons threw the caution to the wind, went after Mr.Modi with their hammer and tong attack with no holds barred kind of zeal. This was in direct controversion of the “mind your language” advise given by Mr.Rahul Gandhi which showed their lack of respect to the young leader who is supposed to be leading them in the year 2014.
It looks like the two day workshop by Congress leadership was just a propaganda war aimed at fooling opposition parties and misleading the people of the country to create a holistic opinion of the Congress Party. We are still waiting for the promised rebuke and action against the seasoned spokespersons to come from Rahul Gandhi. If his own people misunderstands his brand of politics, common people like us should be excused for not understanding his analysis of “Poverty is nothing but state of mind”, which is truly beyond ones comprehension.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear Mr.Pilot , You are part of the UPA Glass House Govt and please donot throw stone at Vibrant Gujarat. UPA-IIÃ balance-sheet is a story of overwhelming negatives and scams. From misused and wasted funds in the Commonwealth Games to massive irregularities in the allocation of precious natural resources such as coal, iron ore and spectrum, the scams have unspooled one after another, revealing brazen execution and complete disregard for norms of governance. Look at the tragedy of Uttarakand which is nothing but brazen man made misadvanture, led a congress handpicked govt which has killed over 10000 people and millions of people have been rendered homeless. Instead of learning from its mistakes and misadventures, this UPA government tried to clumsily cover up its tracks, bringing not just further ignominy on itself but earning the wrath of the Supreme Court which was hearing the coal block allocation case. PM Manmohan and his coterie of crooks has attempted to salvage its reputation by sacking Pawan Kumar Bansal and Ashwani Kumar from the Union cabinet and at the same time gave support to Kanimozhi to get reappointed to Rajyasabha bespite she is being jailed by the court and out on bail. Now it is trying to dilute the RTI Act by keeping all the political parties out of it's ambit. It shows that UPA govt holds institutions in contempt, be that the office of Comptroller and Auditor-General or the apex court itself. As it enters the final year of its second term, it will surely also reflect on the damage the scams have done to the image of the Prime Minister himself. UPA mismanagements has produced more enemies than friends in the world and even a small Island like Maldive has the temerity to blowup it's  nose on our face. Chinese army has been breaking into our border areas with impunity and all that we do is look otherway and wish them away.. that is how we deal with them.. Due to Tamil Issue, we have a simmering feud with Sri lanka. Pakistan and Bangladesh will never become our  friends  due to relegious ideology. The biggest screwup in recent times by UPA is the spoiling our relationship with the tiny neigbhour, BHUTAN, by stoping them subsidised Gas and energy supply. Eventually PM had the good sense to reverse the earlier decision and restore the facility which is nothing but a damage control act as seen by all of us.  If Modi is accused of marketing gimmicks, what about Delhi, run by grand old lady of congress,  Sheila dixit? what is her achievements in the last 9 years?? DELHI HAS BEEN NAMED RAPE CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY. DO YOU NEED TO SAY ANYTHING FURTHER MR.PILOT????

Thursday, 18 July 2013


While Chidambaram is busy begging corporates across the globe for investing in India, the STEEL GIANT, POSCO has pulled out of KARNATAKA PROJECT which they were planning to set up in 2010, the reson being our complicated Bureaucratic, regulatory mess and corruption. Chidambaram shud understand that "a bird in hand is better than two in the bush".. We shud have made things easier for POSCO to continue with the proposed project. This pull out is a big loss to Karnataka state and to the economy of the nation ...


One more MIG crashes and one more young pilot is dead.. Not having fought a proper war since 1971, we have been losing trained pilots on this dreaded "Flying Coffins"every couple of months.. Forget about how much a MIG costs us.. it must be insured.. Training of a Jet pilot costs nearly One million USD. that too tax payers money.. We are willingly sending these brave soldiers to death. It is time we bury these MIG JETS once for all... Govt is answerable to this mess.. This is nothing but harakiri...

Monday, 15 July 2013

LOOTERA..could have been better...

Saw "LOOTERA" other day...Went with high expectations after reading glorious reviews by all and sundry..Cameback somewhat dissppointed..Ranveer did a fine job so also Sonakshi Sinha.But nothing to rave about. After watching so many sic Karan Johar flicks, this movie was like a burst of fresh air... However felt that the role of Pakhi played by Sonakshi sinha was  tailor made for Vidya Balan who wud have given another dimension to it altogether...However the best acting award of the movie shud go to BARUN CHANDA who played the role of ageing well mannered LANDLORD father of Pakhi Sonakshi sinha. The  contemporary setting of the Jamindaari period  and the demise of it was well captured in the movie. Though the direction of the movie was languid in keeping with the slow pace of the movie, I found one major flow in the movie. Towards climax,  Hero who climbs the tree   to fix his Master piece painting of the "last leaf" loses his footing and falls down on the snow is captured in slow motion..which was almost identical to the scene from kangana rawat starer "Gangster" showing her falling to her Death to the ground in slow motion... Logically Director shud have ended  Ranveer's charactor there itself rather than hinging it further to be shot dead by Police..Overall movie gets a rating of 2.5 out of 5.


Why we get into japanese hunchback position with auto drivers while requesting for a ride to our destination? We need to change this "sucking up " approach with rude and errant auto drivers.. No need to request him to take us to our destination.. Just sit inside the auto and advise him about our destination. Standing outside the auto gives him time to refuse the fare...Otherday, hailed an auto, ...before he cud popup the usual question, got into it and asked him to take me to a place which he refused.. immediately told him to change the destination to nerul police station which changed his attitude and body language..He took me to my original destination without even a background glance thru out the journey.. May be a lesson for everyone???


Ajit Pawar sits inside a Glass House and throwing stone at others.. This is nothing but political harakiri..
He says Congress leaders in Mahrashtra are nothing but political criminals.. he is absolutely true.. Narayan Rane and Gurudas Kamat..., both are from Chembur, Mumbai comes with criminal backgrounds, and so many other congressmen. But what about NCP?? Corruption and criminal background goes hand in hand.. Take Ganesh Naik from navi mumbai.. literally built a Glass house on illegal lands on the banks of sea at CBD, belapur, Ourown greatchaggan Bujbaal, th eternal PWD Minster from NCP who has been skimming the treasury dry by one scam or the other Ramesh Jadhav, NCP chief who spent crores on his son's wedding, Padamsingh Patil, NCP leader who orchestored the killing of Pawanraje Nimbulkar in the year 2006, the list is endless...Irrespective of parties, majority of politicians in Mahrashtra have been involved in criminal and corruption cases from time to time and they are worse than UP and Bihar politicians who are anyway have set the benchmark in criminality.. Ajit pawar saved his skin in the controversy of"pissing in the dam"by the timely intervention of Sharad Pawar or else he wud have been sacked and got lost in the political wilderness. The long arm of the law is going to catch up with him in one of these days and his involvement in Irrigation scam is going to blow up in his own face.. then he will aveno placeto hide.. It's time he zips u his lips instead of shooting from hip...The people of the state is watching him..

building blocks...

Chidambaram is in USA and he is "SHITTING BRICKS "so to say... He wants to build India's economy "" BRICK BY BRICK"" and wants USA cooperation to achieve same...It's been over 65 years of our Independence and our country led by great Gandhi nehru family is still building Indian Economy brick by brick all these years, whereas the corrupt Congress Politicians have built their their own empires line...d with GOLD BRICKS.. Every one of the Congress Netas declared assets runs in crores and imagine what wud be their undeclared assets lying in India and abroad??? With Modi gaining popularity, congress is worried and have packed off our Finance Minister on a DESPERATE foreign sojourn to get the foreign investors to invest in India so that they cud save their face and ass. They pushed Fodd bill thru ORDINANCE which shows their desperation.. They wanted to win the good will of the people at any cost.. but we are not buying their arguments and falling into their tricks..

Sunday, 14 July 2013

beware of chinese trick

So far it's been Pakistan which was flooding Indian Market with fake currency to destabilize Indian Economy. Now China also getting into this disturbing business. This act of China is much more dangerous than repeated incursion at our borders. China is known for duplicating  best of the goods in the world and they will be in a position to replicate Indian currency in millions which will lead to alround inflation in the country. This matter shud be dealt firmly by Govt agencies and a stern protest shud be lodged by us with Chinese highest authorities before it peaks out to uncontrolable levels. This seems to be a very dangerous, damaging and destructive attempt by the International gangs who are hell bent on destroying India's progress with the blessings of their own Govts. We cannot remain a mute spectator in this spooky sinister scheme unleashed on our soil. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013


With seeded players falling like nine pins in the current Wimbledon tournament, I now wish for any wild card entry player to win the coveted trophy. Sick of seeing thunder thighs of Serena william and chest thumping of Djokovic of Serbia. Hope there will be more surprises in the offing. This was my blog post on 28th June and what can I say.. Both my wishes came true.......Amazing stuff from Andy Murray, first british to win Wimbledon 77 years....


how can a person who cud not win elections on his own be called the leader of a state??? asks Ajit Pawar in a gathering at Sangli about chief Minister Prathvi Raj Chauhan.. Well... Ajit pawar has got no moral right to question anyone in this state after his crass remark about FILLING THE DAMS OF MAHARASHTRA WITH PISS... He can buy his votes in the election but he cannot win the hearts.. His very entry and existence in NCP and politics is only due to Sharad Pawar and nothing else. .. If he keeps shooting his mouth too often, one day even that protective umbrella of sharad pawar will be removed and he will have to stand naked in the public eyes..


As per a British scientist, bigger tragedies in the form of devastating earthquakes are waiting to happen in the Himalayan region. Govt needs to take note of all the aspects of mother nature into consideration before restarting the buildup of Uttarakand. The people of the country got very short memory and focus will be again on uncontrolled tourism at the cost of safety.It would be prudential on our part to rethink our approach to allow pilgrimage and mass tourism in such a dangerous and difficult terrain.Instead of concentrating all facilities near the temple just because it is a easier place to build there, the money, effort and ideas could have been put into development of towns with planned housing and other infrastructure, lower in the hills, well connected by technically advanced, safe mountain roads and tunnels. Govt also shud think of allowing temple visits only during day to avoid crowds and mushrooming of hotels and motels around shrines. This tragedy is a lesson on how not to be overpowered by greed for money. Our ancient civilization also knew how to cohabit peacefully with the nature. It is also a lesson on how not to tamper with Nature. It is easy to cut a tree to start with and end up destroying a full forest. As they say, it is easy to make pin prick in a paper and end up tearing it apart. Technology and commerce go hand in hand and shape lifestyle of people. New ideas are found almost on a daily basis but the difficulty is in deciding when, where and how much to use. The difficulty is to decide and in limiting it to catering to needs and not greeds. This tragedy is also a lesson on how to respect ancient traditions. Shifting of ancient temples or statues to make way for hydra projects without taking into consideration of local population beliefs and faith is not a right approach.

It is a lesson for us how every being on this planet has a role to play, be it a human, a tree or fauna or flora. Each one of us, supplement each other and help to maintain the eco system.That is the key to survival...


Congress union minister Beni Prasad verma is typical loud mouth with no control over his tongue. Calling Malayam singh yadav not even fit to sweep PMs office is one of his numerous Gems ..Not that Mulayam singh Yadav is a holy cow. But such remarks shows the kind of ministers and politicians we have in power who sway the crowd with such crass comments. .He shud be made congress spokesperson alongwith existing HMVs..manish tiwari and dogvijaysingh who do all the barking for congress... Beni will add few more decibels to the cacophony created by other two..


It's been 17 long years since Eccentric Hero Raj Kumar died. Having seen him right from Mother India to Saudhaghar, he always had a place in the hearts of old timers like us. His famous dialogue " Jaani, ye chaku hai, bachhon ka khilona nahi hai.. kaatega tho khoon aayega." from the movie " Waqt" is still fresh in our mind...He paired with tragedy queen, Meena kumari in movies like dil ek mandhir, kaajal, pakheezah which were some of his best movies. Time to remember this forgotten thespian.....


Yashwant Sinha, former BJP external minister's call to the Govt to take serious note of China General's warning regarding Border issue is very thoughtful and apt. Chinese soldiers crossed over to Indian territory couple of months back and stayed there for weeks whereas our Govt sat and did nothing. Eventually the soldiers went back.. They will return .. there is no doubt about it.. but will they go back?? that is the million dollar question...India does't have the balls to push them back...We can only pray to God Kedarnath to open his 3rd eye and arrange for one more Himalayan Tsunami to wash them away.


N.D Tiwari who was in his eighties, caught frolicking in the bed in Govt guest house, with a girl fit to become his grand daughter, MP finance minister Raghvji who sodomized his servant is in his eighties, SP minister Rambabu Yadhav who asked for " chooza" ( girls between 18-20 years) is 71 years.. Money, Wine, woman and power, they will go to any length to have these things all the time.... Imagine these are people who despite having been involved in one case or the other, still managed to stick to power b'cos they were not proved guilty by the court...Our's is a country which gives long rope to these SOB politicians but gives short stick to rest of the mass... that is unacceptable ...that is the irony...All of us suffer from short memory...

brazen attitude??

CIDCO has been razing many shanties around navi mumbai including one which falls under CRZ. but not Ganesh Naik's Glass house.. why?? Why it needs someone petition to court ? Why High court has to get involved in everything that involves politicians. Why Politicians have become so thick skinned? why they donot follow rule of the land? This blatant misuse of power by Ganesh Naik and family has been going on in navi mumbai for decades and entire region has been manipulated and controlled by this family. Illegal Quarry work around navi mumbai has been going on with his blessing for ages and many hills around new mumbai region has been razed to the ground which will have great effect on ecology. What has happened in Uttarakand will be repeated around navi mumbai. Instead of protecting the Mangroves around navi mumbai, they have been systematically destroyed by the locals and builders, land sharks with the blessing of the guardian minister who few years ago suggested that mangroves may be cut to make way for infrastructures. It is people with myopic ideas who with their lopsided ideas destroy the country. The learned judge is right in giving only 6 weeks for the demolition of this illegal structure. I hope this order results in action and CIDCO does what it has been told.


As per a British scientist, bigger tragedies in the form of devastating earthquakes are waiting to happen in the Himalayan region. Govt needs to take note of all the aspects of mother nature into consideration before restarting the buildup of Uttarakand. The people of the country got very short memory and focus will be again on uncontrolled tourism at the cost of safety.It would be prudential on our part to rethink our approach to allow pilgrimage and mass tourism in such a dangerous and  difficult terrain.Instead of concentrating all facilities near the temple just because it is a easier place to build there, the money, effort and ideas could have been put into development of towns with planned housing and other infrastructure, lower in the hills, well connected by technically advanced, safe mountain roads and tunnels. Govt also shud think of allowing temple visits only during day to avoid crowds and mushrooming of hotels and motels around shrines. This tragedy is a lesson on how not to be overpowered by greed for money. Our ancient civilization also knew how to cohabit peacefully with the nature. It is also a lesson on how not to tamper with Nature. It is easy to cut a tree to start with and end up destroying a full forest. As they say, it is easy to make pin prick in a paper and end up tearing it apart. Technology and commerce go hand in hand and shape lifestyle of people. New ideas are found almost on a daily basis but the difficulty is in deciding when, where and how much to use. The difficulty is to decide and in limiting it to catering to needs and not greeds. This tragedy is also a lesson on how to respect ancient traditions. Shifting of ancient temples or statues to make way for hydra projects without taking into consideration of local population beliefs and faith is not a right approach.

It is a lesson for us how every being on this planet has a role to play, be it a human, a tree or fauna or flora. Each one of us, supplement each other and help to maintain the eco system.That is the key to survival...

Friday, 5 July 2013


'warning from chinese General. Just before arrival of AK ANTONY on their soil...'This is expected of china and our foreign ministry will have some apologetic answer to suck upto them. Their soldiers, come and park inside Indian territory whenever they feel like having a week end picnic and all that we do is wait and watch and expect them to go on their own. Even a small island like Maldive has the balls to dare us and our companies which have invested billions of money in that island is now finding it difficult to get out of the mess and had to go to International courts for the settlement. Our foreign policy is in shambles. Pakistan want to cut us to size in Afghanistan. US keeps on giving free aid to Pakistan in the form of monetary and military hardware which is used against India. Terrorists have their terror training camps in POK and US is not bothered to go against them by using dron attacks. They have their own double standards while dealing with us. It has been recently revealed that Pakistan has even managed to penetrate and put their spy inside the US THINK TANK which means most of the US future international policies will be loaded heavily against us. This is a dangerous situation. We have porus borders with Bangladesh which has resulted in lakhs of muslim illegal immigrants  crossing over to Assam  and other states and occupying free Govt land thereby inciting ethic wars.They are supported by local politicians to use them as vote banks... We have problem with sri lanka since the annihilation of LTTE, we have shimmering problems with nepal, India is viewed as a weak and corrupt country by many western country who do business with us and the very reason why foreign corporate's donot bring in FDI into India due to our political system and policies which keeps changing in tune with collision dharma. We need a charismatic foreign minister who can articulate and impress upon other countries  in the international forums to press forward our needs and policies.  Pakistan always scored browny points over India  in terms of foreign polcies despite being declared as " terror state" by many western countries. We are surrendered by disloyal friends and dangerous enemies. As a nuclear state, we need not fear china. Pakistan uses same tactic with us by taking " first strike" option. We cannot afford to repeat another 1962 debacle with china. Let us show them that we are not paper tiger ....''

Sunday, 30 June 2013


Having seen Raanjihanaa starring Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush, I am a bit perplexed. Disappointed altogether as I feel conned by the director who gave us the zany movie called " Tanu weds Manu". Let me make it very clear here that I have nothing against the lead star cast of the movie and this movie might resurrect the otherwise defunct career of Sonam Kapoor who so far was seen only in Cannes walking the red carpet and little elsewhere. As regards Dhanush, more talented and better looking actors like Kamal Haasan and R.Madhavan have tried and failed to impress Bollywood including his superstar Father-in-law Rajnikant.  He might end up as a "one trick pony"!!! However I feel ditched by the so called movie reviewers who on an average gave more than 3- star rating to this third rate movie which is nothing but a brutal attempt to legalize eve teasing which has been taken to a new height by this idiotic director. I am also going to be annoyed that this movie might end up touching the coveted bench mark of 100 crores in earnings and there will be further mad rush to make similar kind of movies. Apart from kicking myself , I will also  blame my fellow citizens for easily falling into  a carefully orchestrated trap set by the producers and their cronies  to lure them by way of repeated advertisement in every available space in print and TV medium.

 As a regular Hindi movie buff, I always enjoyed a certain amount of  good natured eve teasing in our movies which  played a very vital link in the way stories developed. Be it Dev Anand indirectly teasing Waheeda in a Train compartment singing" Uparwaala Jaankar anjaan hai" from the movie 'Kaala Paani' or him singing that famous song" whilePal bhar ke liye koi hume pyar kar le"  trying to get into the house of a dishy Hema Malini from various Windows and doors in the movie "Johny Mera Naam, Remember Raj Kapoor chasing 'Vyjayantimala' in the movie 'Sangam', singing  "Bol Radha Bol Sangam hoga ke nahi" wherein she conceeds " hoga, hoga, hoga". It is impossible to forget a  Macho rascal Veeru played by a Funny  Dharmendra trying "phatao"motormouth Hema Malini in a lifetime role of "Basanti", either chasing  her tonga or that insane scene of drunker speach from the top of a water tank to get approval from her Budiya Moshi in the movie "SHOLAY".  One has to recall that  sublime attempt by  madcap actor  Kishore Kumar wooing Madhubala in that evergreen comedy " chalti ka naam gaadi" crooning "ek ladki bheegi bhagi si". The rip roaring scene from the fabulous comedy movie " Padosan" in which  a village bumpkin Bola Sunil Dutt luring a modern Bindu played by Luscious Saira Banu, by  lip synching  song " Mere Saamne wala Kidiki me" with the help of his drama troup friends led by inimitable Kishore Kumar again. The wonderful scene wherein Rajesh Khanna chasing a train-bound dimpled beauty Sharmila Tagore in his jeep serenading famous  Kishore song" mera sapno ki rani ". Can one forget Shah Rukh Khan chasing a hesitant Kajol across the continent and in the end wins her as well her entire Pariwar. But the icing on the cake is when a girl chasing boy in the movie " Teesri Manzil" wherein Asha Parekh trying to cajole Shammi Kapoor to forgive her  in that  Asha Bhosle  special "oh mere sonare sonare". One could  recall  many more such beautifully crafted movie scenes from past bollywood movies. We loved such movies. laughed along with other audiences . Shed tears in buckets.... 

Now coming back to this movie Raanjhanaa...Why such thrash like Raanjhaana being produced? What is the role of our censor board members? How do they allow such movies with scary situations to get their approval.? As Shobha De mentioned somewhere in her movie review ( only sensible voice in this cacophony !), this kind of movies are going to affect the youth of the nation who will not accept NO for an answer from a one-sided love? what is the next step?? .. Throw acid on the very girl and maim her for life?..If I can't get you, no one else can have you?.. In the name of freedom of expression, Censor board has been forced to jettison the moral responsibilities altogether and allow all kind of thrash to be released for the general viewing of the public. Every other day, a new Gangster movie is released in every language across India, glorifying Gangsters.  Goonda, Goondagiri, Policegiri, to name a few....Some of the actors thrive in enacting the role of Gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Arun Gavli or some Shetty Gangster nicknamed as "Anna". Looks like everyone loves to play DON..Be it Sonu Sood or Rishi Kapoor.  They might take it as a privilege... The worst thing is the news that " Chakravyuh" has become a Anthem for Naxalites and Maoists. The leaders of these groups  encourage gullible youth of the region  who are fooled into accepting their flawed ideology and this movie is shown repeatedly to convince them. Prakash Jha, otherwise a sensible movie maker, should have known his social responsibilities and the impact his movies creates across the country. We can accept stupid movies from directors like David Daawan which are worth a chuckle but blood boils when capable directors like Mahesh Bhatt who go to desperate level of  introducing a porn star like Sunny Leone in his movie to titillate a section of sex starved Public.. His standrard defence is  that those who don't like it, dont watch it. Change the channel if you don't like it...Introducing his own daughter to the tempting world of bollywood is understandable. But Sunny Leone? She herself was pleaseantly surprised to have been accepted by the Indian mass. Jiah Khan had the looks and talent to succeed but failed whereas Sunny Leone gyrated into the bollywood to become a success.  She has even managed to dethrone Katrina Kaif from most googled star in the internet.. How fickle Indian Public is...I have been skeptical about the intentions of Mr.Mahesh Bhatt right from the time he opened up his mouth and uttered those spiteful line "I will heckle her with a sickle "while answering a question in Simi Grewal's show long back. Since then, he has not given me a chance to change my opinion.  What about Karan Johar, the current power house producer.. He is a capable producer/Director who, unfortunately  has given us nothing but eminently forgettable mushy films aimed at global viewers.His movies are marketed in every continent except may be Greenland...Atleast his movies are nothing but larger than life family drammas aimed at masses.

  With the tragedy of Uttarakand and even bigger challenge of rebuilding the state infrastructures and cleaning the poluted waters of fabled rivers running thru, we must take this opportunity to clense, clean and purge the industry from the clutches of those  people who has brought disrepute to our Film Industry as well.  They are the linchpins who are nicely entrenched in our Industry mesquerading as the Champions of Freedom of speach and expression...What kind of message we are leaving for the future generation? Is there someone who can give us some kind of assurance?

Saturday, 29 June 2013


What exactly is the problem with our PM ? Saw the clip showing him surveying the flood affect Uttarakand while flying high in a helicoptor. While Madam Soniya sat with her stony face, MMsingh managed to sit like a Sphinx throughout the tour ..Same expressionless face while delivering  speech at Red Fort or attending economic forum.. They need to learn from other leaders of the world especially Obama.  He never let go a chance to connect with common folks..He visits the hospitals and homes of the Gunshot wounded families and sheds a tear for them. hugs the students who are emotionally drained , salutes the coffins of dead soldiers of war with due respect, tours the typhoon affected areas with a Grim face. He  challenges  Al-Queda or Taliban with  courageous speech with conviction . This is what Leaders are expected to do and people expect them to do.This kind of interaction uplifts the mood of the people even in the face of grim tragedies.  It allows leaders to bond with the common folks.

 Apart from declaring 1000 crores for the relief, ideally PM  shud have appeared on the national TV immediately to declare unconditional support for the affected people and the state. At the same time, cutting across  the party line, he should have appealed to other party leaders and the big Corporates across the country for the material and monetary help. This shud have been the right approach and I am sure all the parties would have come together to reach out to the affected people. This wud have been a master stroke and could have boosted UPA's image. What did we get instead??  Catfighting Politicians trying to score political brawny points even in the face of such monumental tragedy which has sullied the image of the country in the eyes of the world. 1000 crores is not enough to rebuild the state. How much of it will really reach the needy people is the question...MM Singh needs to come out of his cocooned shell and show the country that he is in control of the situation. He need to shed his meek and weak image and show his country that nobody else spins the coin for him.. He needs a image makeover at once.

rebuilding Uttarakand

Vijay Bahuguna refuses help from Narendra Modi and promises to rebuild Kedarnath Temple on his own. Well Let him do it. But rebuilding Uttarakand, is not his cup of tea... He has screwed up the entire state bigtime  with his mindless Hydro and other projects. It is time Congress replaces him with someone with better vision.

Friday, 28 June 2013

tareek ka baad tareek,tareek ka baad tareek!!!!

Remember the Sunny Deol Movie "Damini" in which he acted as Lawyer and tells the court " Tareek ke baad Tareek..tareek ke baad tareek"  ...That scene reflected the stark naked truth of misuse of Court proceedings by the Lawyers, judges and of course litigants.... Lakhs of cases still pending in the courts for decades for various reasons in INdia. Though fast track courts have started disposing off some of the recent criminal cases due to public outcry, it is still a far cry when it comes to decide on civil cases, especially corruption cases. This has given way to famous lines in movies saying"Yanhaa der jaroor hai magar andhera nahi he..." Well.. the attempt by the central Govt to discuss these delay matters with SC  and fine the judges if they are instrumental for the delays is  a decision in the right path.  From a layman's  point of view, cases shud be disposed off within 10 to 12 months from the filing date of the case. Govt also shud ensure that all the vacant positions of the judges in various courts across India is filled up so that people get justice in good time.  


Bhaskar Jadhav of NCP has the temerity to take on other parties on the issue of Corruption. His logic is that though most of the NCP ministers are embroiled in corruption charges, it is for the Court to prove them guilty.Till then, they will keep looting the nation with their exalted position and muscle power... Well.. it is like a thief breaks into a shop and commits burglary and thinks no one has proof. It is for Police to catch him first with the stolen booty, and prove him guilty. Till then, he is innocent and walking free... Well.. Bhaskar Jadhav's logic is similar to to say!!! We live in a beautiful world...


While there are so many contenders for new banking licence including LIC, the new entrant is Department of POSTS. There are 154,822 post offices across India, of which 139,086 are in rural areas and 15736 in urban regions which gives them a advantage over other contenders. Since core business of the postal services have decreased in recent times, giving them banking licence will rejuvenate them and they will be in a position to give better service with their net working capacity. However what is left to be seen whether they have the expertise to manage public funds...


hina lifts ban on displaying dalai lama's photos after 17 years of restriction. Is it the beginning of end of bad vibe between China and Dalai Lama? I hope some of his demands now will be met by the chinese govt. The Assylum to Dalai lamaand to his people in India has been bone of contest which led to lot of political unrest between India and china for longtime and let us hope it is the beginning of good times for all the parties.


Queen's Diamond Jubilee cost UK 1 million pounds.... It is nothing ... Ask NCP leader Bhaskar much he spent on his son's wedding couple of months ago...or rather ask his contractor friends.. he claims they spent the money for the wedding...some obscene amount of money which even his boss Sharad Pawar didn't find right..right Mr.Jadhav???


Great News for those who love mumbai. Mangroves across the state of Maharashtra has been accorded status of reserved forest through a govt.resolution. I hope now atleast the remaining Mangroves will be saved from the landgrabers and builders. Mumbai will remain safe as long as we have Mangroves around. You cut them up, sea water will come in and gobble up the land during the high tide. I hope, Vanashakti, NGO which has been fighting a losing battle with builder community will get added ammunition to save the Mangroves.


Think of Whistle blower Snowden, you think of AARON SWARTZ who committed suicide in the month of January at a young age of 26 to avoid prosecution by US Govt. for posting federal court documents online for free. He has been a Internet Activist, programmer who fought against big corporates and was advocating for public access for informations. Had he lived, he cud have become another great Entrepreneur like Bill gates or mark zukerburg or steve jobs. We lost a brainy, compassionate yet a great human being whose life was snuffed in the bud.Wud like to end this blog with one of his famous quote which goes as under:-
“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.” 
― Aaron Swartz ( he has been inducted into Internet hall of frame )


With seeded players falling like nine pins in the current Wimbledon tournament, I now wish for any wild card entry player to win the coveted trophy. Sick of seeing thunder thighs of Serena william and chest thumping of Djokovic of Serbia. Hope there will be more surprises in the offing.


In the wake of shooting of Abu Salem inside the Taloja Anda cell, officials admit that smuggling articles into prison is common. This is the defeatist attitude which needs to be curbed at once. Frisking of every person who enter and exit is a must without exception. Air passengers can't even carry a cig.lighter into the aircraft and here we are allowing guns into the jail.. Bcos of the lax jail supervision, all kind of goods, like guns, cigaretes, whisky, drugs, medicnes, favorite foods, are smuggled into the jails by paying a premium bribe to jaul officials which has been going on for ages without anybody bothering the very system. It is time Mr.R,R,Patil our home minister takes a hard look at the whole system and ensure remedial action.If Abu Salem uses this opportunity to stake his claim to get repatriated to Portgul jail, then it wud be a slap on Indian Judiciary whcih we cannot afford.


uvenile law in India needs urgent revise. Take the case of barbaric raping of Nirbhaya in Delhi..Followed by the ten year old girl gets gangraped by 4 underage boys in mumbai. Now this case of Pizza delivery boy. There are many more cases of rape by underage boys in between...We cannot treat these criminal minds under Juvenile law. If they are old enough to rape and kill, then they are old enough to understand the gravity of their act and needs to be tried as major for such crimes..There is very little possibilities of rehabilitating them at juvenile homes which are nothing but training centre to become hardened criminals.


By his own admission, Gopinath Munde declared that he spent Rs.8 crore for his lok sabha elections last time. This is shocking to say the least. Election commision permits a candidate to spend not more than 40 lakhs as election expenes and what Munde has spent is mindboggling indecent money which is 20 times more. It is time Election commission orders a enquiry into it and find out the source of the money. If he is capable of spending 8 crores for the election, he must have earned 200 times more than than the expenditure. That is the name of the Political game these people are playing... and it is tax payers money that they have been lining their pocket with!!!!!!


Maharashtra MInister Nitin Raut'son KUNAL RAUT, refuses to pay toll at MP Toll naka and assults toll plaza staff....Sometime back he beat up Anna Hazare supporters in Nagpur... Good going.. Toll is only for tax paying aam aadmi.. They are above the law... He is now ready to become Neta and future minister of the state. Good credentials...Looks good in his CV....


Swami Swaroopanand, current Shankaracharya of Kedarnath faulted Rawalji, the priest of Kedarnath for not performing pooja at the temple is very surprising. In the face of such a calamity, conducting pooja at the devastated temple is totally uncalled and unacceptable. If one has to go by the eye witnesses, the entire surroundings of the kedarnath temple was awash with dead bodies and many were found inside the temple as well. Army needs to sanitize entire town as well as the temple and surroundings. Only after getting clearance from the Army and administration,Temple authorities shud think of restarting the pooja.