Sunday, 30 June 2013


Having seen Raanjihanaa starring Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush, I am a bit perplexed. Disappointed altogether as I feel conned by the director who gave us the zany movie called " Tanu weds Manu". Let me make it very clear here that I have nothing against the lead star cast of the movie and this movie might resurrect the otherwise defunct career of Sonam Kapoor who so far was seen only in Cannes walking the red carpet and little elsewhere. As regards Dhanush, more talented and better looking actors like Kamal Haasan and R.Madhavan have tried and failed to impress Bollywood including his superstar Father-in-law Rajnikant.  He might end up as a "one trick pony"!!! However I feel ditched by the so called movie reviewers who on an average gave more than 3- star rating to this third rate movie which is nothing but a brutal attempt to legalize eve teasing which has been taken to a new height by this idiotic director. I am also going to be annoyed that this movie might end up touching the coveted bench mark of 100 crores in earnings and there will be further mad rush to make similar kind of movies. Apart from kicking myself , I will also  blame my fellow citizens for easily falling into  a carefully orchestrated trap set by the producers and their cronies  to lure them by way of repeated advertisement in every available space in print and TV medium.

 As a regular Hindi movie buff, I always enjoyed a certain amount of  good natured eve teasing in our movies which  played a very vital link in the way stories developed. Be it Dev Anand indirectly teasing Waheeda in a Train compartment singing" Uparwaala Jaankar anjaan hai" from the movie 'Kaala Paani' or him singing that famous song" whilePal bhar ke liye koi hume pyar kar le"  trying to get into the house of a dishy Hema Malini from various Windows and doors in the movie "Johny Mera Naam, Remember Raj Kapoor chasing 'Vyjayantimala' in the movie 'Sangam', singing  "Bol Radha Bol Sangam hoga ke nahi" wherein she conceeds " hoga, hoga, hoga". It is impossible to forget a  Macho rascal Veeru played by a Funny  Dharmendra trying "phatao"motormouth Hema Malini in a lifetime role of "Basanti", either chasing  her tonga or that insane scene of drunker speach from the top of a water tank to get approval from her Budiya Moshi in the movie "SHOLAY".  One has to recall that  sublime attempt by  madcap actor  Kishore Kumar wooing Madhubala in that evergreen comedy " chalti ka naam gaadi" crooning "ek ladki bheegi bhagi si". The rip roaring scene from the fabulous comedy movie " Padosan" in which  a village bumpkin Bola Sunil Dutt luring a modern Bindu played by Luscious Saira Banu, by  lip synching  song " Mere Saamne wala Kidiki me" with the help of his drama troup friends led by inimitable Kishore Kumar again. The wonderful scene wherein Rajesh Khanna chasing a train-bound dimpled beauty Sharmila Tagore in his jeep serenading famous  Kishore song" mera sapno ki rani ". Can one forget Shah Rukh Khan chasing a hesitant Kajol across the continent and in the end wins her as well her entire Pariwar. But the icing on the cake is when a girl chasing boy in the movie " Teesri Manzil" wherein Asha Parekh trying to cajole Shammi Kapoor to forgive her  in that  Asha Bhosle  special "oh mere sonare sonare". One could  recall  many more such beautifully crafted movie scenes from past bollywood movies. We loved such movies. laughed along with other audiences . Shed tears in buckets.... 

Now coming back to this movie Raanjhanaa...Why such thrash like Raanjhaana being produced? What is the role of our censor board members? How do they allow such movies with scary situations to get their approval.? As Shobha De mentioned somewhere in her movie review ( only sensible voice in this cacophony !), this kind of movies are going to affect the youth of the nation who will not accept NO for an answer from a one-sided love? what is the next step?? .. Throw acid on the very girl and maim her for life?..If I can't get you, no one else can have you?.. In the name of freedom of expression, Censor board has been forced to jettison the moral responsibilities altogether and allow all kind of thrash to be released for the general viewing of the public. Every other day, a new Gangster movie is released in every language across India, glorifying Gangsters.  Goonda, Goondagiri, Policegiri, to name a few....Some of the actors thrive in enacting the role of Gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Arun Gavli or some Shetty Gangster nicknamed as "Anna". Looks like everyone loves to play DON..Be it Sonu Sood or Rishi Kapoor.  They might take it as a privilege... The worst thing is the news that " Chakravyuh" has become a Anthem for Naxalites and Maoists. The leaders of these groups  encourage gullible youth of the region  who are fooled into accepting their flawed ideology and this movie is shown repeatedly to convince them. Prakash Jha, otherwise a sensible movie maker, should have known his social responsibilities and the impact his movies creates across the country. We can accept stupid movies from directors like David Daawan which are worth a chuckle but blood boils when capable directors like Mahesh Bhatt who go to desperate level of  introducing a porn star like Sunny Leone in his movie to titillate a section of sex starved Public.. His standrard defence is  that those who don't like it, dont watch it. Change the channel if you don't like it...Introducing his own daughter to the tempting world of bollywood is understandable. But Sunny Leone? She herself was pleaseantly surprised to have been accepted by the Indian mass. Jiah Khan had the looks and talent to succeed but failed whereas Sunny Leone gyrated into the bollywood to become a success.  She has even managed to dethrone Katrina Kaif from most googled star in the internet.. How fickle Indian Public is...I have been skeptical about the intentions of Mr.Mahesh Bhatt right from the time he opened up his mouth and uttered those spiteful line "I will heckle her with a sickle "while answering a question in Simi Grewal's show long back. Since then, he has not given me a chance to change my opinion.  What about Karan Johar, the current power house producer.. He is a capable producer/Director who, unfortunately  has given us nothing but eminently forgettable mushy films aimed at global viewers.His movies are marketed in every continent except may be Greenland...Atleast his movies are nothing but larger than life family drammas aimed at masses.

  With the tragedy of Uttarakand and even bigger challenge of rebuilding the state infrastructures and cleaning the poluted waters of fabled rivers running thru, we must take this opportunity to clense, clean and purge the industry from the clutches of those  people who has brought disrepute to our Film Industry as well.  They are the linchpins who are nicely entrenched in our Industry mesquerading as the Champions of Freedom of speach and expression...What kind of message we are leaving for the future generation? Is there someone who can give us some kind of assurance?

Saturday, 29 June 2013


What exactly is the problem with our PM ? Saw the clip showing him surveying the flood affect Uttarakand while flying high in a helicoptor. While Madam Soniya sat with her stony face, MMsingh managed to sit like a Sphinx throughout the tour ..Same expressionless face while delivering  speech at Red Fort or attending economic forum.. They need to learn from other leaders of the world especially Obama.  He never let go a chance to connect with common folks..He visits the hospitals and homes of the Gunshot wounded families and sheds a tear for them. hugs the students who are emotionally drained , salutes the coffins of dead soldiers of war with due respect, tours the typhoon affected areas with a Grim face. He  challenges  Al-Queda or Taliban with  courageous speech with conviction . This is what Leaders are expected to do and people expect them to do.This kind of interaction uplifts the mood of the people even in the face of grim tragedies.  It allows leaders to bond with the common folks.

 Apart from declaring 1000 crores for the relief, ideally PM  shud have appeared on the national TV immediately to declare unconditional support for the affected people and the state. At the same time, cutting across  the party line, he should have appealed to other party leaders and the big Corporates across the country for the material and monetary help. This shud have been the right approach and I am sure all the parties would have come together to reach out to the affected people. This wud have been a master stroke and could have boosted UPA's image. What did we get instead??  Catfighting Politicians trying to score political brawny points even in the face of such monumental tragedy which has sullied the image of the country in the eyes of the world. 1000 crores is not enough to rebuild the state. How much of it will really reach the needy people is the question...MM Singh needs to come out of his cocooned shell and show the country that he is in control of the situation. He need to shed his meek and weak image and show his country that nobody else spins the coin for him.. He needs a image makeover at once.

rebuilding Uttarakand

Vijay Bahuguna refuses help from Narendra Modi and promises to rebuild Kedarnath Temple on his own. Well Let him do it. But rebuilding Uttarakand, is not his cup of tea... He has screwed up the entire state bigtime  with his mindless Hydro and other projects. It is time Congress replaces him with someone with better vision.

Friday, 28 June 2013

tareek ka baad tareek,tareek ka baad tareek!!!!

Remember the Sunny Deol Movie "Damini" in which he acted as Lawyer and tells the court " Tareek ke baad Tareek..tareek ke baad tareek"  ...That scene reflected the stark naked truth of misuse of Court proceedings by the Lawyers, judges and of course litigants.... Lakhs of cases still pending in the courts for decades for various reasons in INdia. Though fast track courts have started disposing off some of the recent criminal cases due to public outcry, it is still a far cry when it comes to decide on civil cases, especially corruption cases. This has given way to famous lines in movies saying"Yanhaa der jaroor hai magar andhera nahi he..." Well.. the attempt by the central Govt to discuss these delay matters with SC  and fine the judges if they are instrumental for the delays is  a decision in the right path.  From a layman's  point of view, cases shud be disposed off within 10 to 12 months from the filing date of the case. Govt also shud ensure that all the vacant positions of the judges in various courts across India is filled up so that people get justice in good time.  


Bhaskar Jadhav of NCP has the temerity to take on other parties on the issue of Corruption. His logic is that though most of the NCP ministers are embroiled in corruption charges, it is for the Court to prove them guilty.Till then, they will keep looting the nation with their exalted position and muscle power... Well.. it is like a thief breaks into a shop and commits burglary and thinks no one has proof. It is for Police to catch him first with the stolen booty, and prove him guilty. Till then, he is innocent and walking free... Well.. Bhaskar Jadhav's logic is similar to to say!!! We live in a beautiful world...


While there are so many contenders for new banking licence including LIC, the new entrant is Department of POSTS. There are 154,822 post offices across India, of which 139,086 are in rural areas and 15736 in urban regions which gives them a advantage over other contenders. Since core business of the postal services have decreased in recent times, giving them banking licence will rejuvenate them and they will be in a position to give better service with their net working capacity. However what is left to be seen whether they have the expertise to manage public funds...


hina lifts ban on displaying dalai lama's photos after 17 years of restriction. Is it the beginning of end of bad vibe between China and Dalai Lama? I hope some of his demands now will be met by the chinese govt. The Assylum to Dalai lamaand to his people in India has been bone of contest which led to lot of political unrest between India and china for longtime and let us hope it is the beginning of good times for all the parties.


Queen's Diamond Jubilee cost UK 1 million pounds.... It is nothing ... Ask NCP leader Bhaskar much he spent on his son's wedding couple of months ago...or rather ask his contractor friends.. he claims they spent the money for the wedding...some obscene amount of money which even his boss Sharad Pawar didn't find right..right Mr.Jadhav???


Great News for those who love mumbai. Mangroves across the state of Maharashtra has been accorded status of reserved forest through a govt.resolution. I hope now atleast the remaining Mangroves will be saved from the landgrabers and builders. Mumbai will remain safe as long as we have Mangroves around. You cut them up, sea water will come in and gobble up the land during the high tide. I hope, Vanashakti, NGO which has been fighting a losing battle with builder community will get added ammunition to save the Mangroves.


Think of Whistle blower Snowden, you think of AARON SWARTZ who committed suicide in the month of January at a young age of 26 to avoid prosecution by US Govt. for posting federal court documents online for free. He has been a Internet Activist, programmer who fought against big corporates and was advocating for public access for informations. Had he lived, he cud have become another great Entrepreneur like Bill gates or mark zukerburg or steve jobs. We lost a brainy, compassionate yet a great human being whose life was snuffed in the bud.Wud like to end this blog with one of his famous quote which goes as under:-
“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.” 
― Aaron Swartz ( he has been inducted into Internet hall of frame )


With seeded players falling like nine pins in the current Wimbledon tournament, I now wish for any wild card entry player to win the coveted trophy. Sick of seeing thunder thighs of Serena william and chest thumping of Djokovic of Serbia. Hope there will be more surprises in the offing.


In the wake of shooting of Abu Salem inside the Taloja Anda cell, officials admit that smuggling articles into prison is common. This is the defeatist attitude which needs to be curbed at once. Frisking of every person who enter and exit is a must without exception. Air passengers can't even carry a cig.lighter into the aircraft and here we are allowing guns into the jail.. Bcos of the lax jail supervision, all kind of goods, like guns, cigaretes, whisky, drugs, medicnes, favorite foods, are smuggled into the jails by paying a premium bribe to jaul officials which has been going on for ages without anybody bothering the very system. It is time Mr.R,R,Patil our home minister takes a hard look at the whole system and ensure remedial action.If Abu Salem uses this opportunity to stake his claim to get repatriated to Portgul jail, then it wud be a slap on Indian Judiciary whcih we cannot afford.


uvenile law in India needs urgent revise. Take the case of barbaric raping of Nirbhaya in Delhi..Followed by the ten year old girl gets gangraped by 4 underage boys in mumbai. Now this case of Pizza delivery boy. There are many more cases of rape by underage boys in between...We cannot treat these criminal minds under Juvenile law. If they are old enough to rape and kill, then they are old enough to understand the gravity of their act and needs to be tried as major for such crimes..There is very little possibilities of rehabilitating them at juvenile homes which are nothing but training centre to become hardened criminals.


By his own admission, Gopinath Munde declared that he spent Rs.8 crore for his lok sabha elections last time. This is shocking to say the least. Election commision permits a candidate to spend not more than 40 lakhs as election expenes and what Munde has spent is mindboggling indecent money which is 20 times more. It is time Election commission orders a enquiry into it and find out the source of the money. If he is capable of spending 8 crores for the election, he must have earned 200 times more than than the expenditure. That is the name of the Political game these people are playing... and it is tax payers money that they have been lining their pocket with!!!!!!


Maharashtra MInister Nitin Raut'son KUNAL RAUT, refuses to pay toll at MP Toll naka and assults toll plaza staff....Sometime back he beat up Anna Hazare supporters in Nagpur... Good going.. Toll is only for tax paying aam aadmi.. They are above the law... He is now ready to become Neta and future minister of the state. Good credentials...Looks good in his CV....


Swami Swaroopanand, current Shankaracharya of Kedarnath faulted Rawalji, the priest of Kedarnath for not performing pooja at the temple is very surprising. In the face of such a calamity, conducting pooja at the devastated temple is totally uncalled and unacceptable. If one has to go by the eye witnesses, the entire surroundings of the kedarnath temple was awash with dead bodies and many were found inside the temple as well. Army needs to sanitize entire town as well as the temple and surroundings. Only after getting clearance from the Army and administration,Temple authorities shud think of restarting the pooja.


Mangalore Police have finally arrested two of the rapists today who raped a MBBS student last week at Manipal, the famous educational Hub. Third rapist has been identified and expected to be caught shortly. Once charge sheets are filed, I hope these culprits are tried on the fast track court and given exemplary punishment for such a heinous crime.


Over 1/3 Engg and MBA seats were reportedly going empty in many of the colleges across Mahrashtra. Irony is Govt is still giving away permission for new colleges which are mushrooming all over the state. Most of these colleges donot have good facilities with half built buildings, incompetent faculty etc. What will come out of these colleges is quantity and not quality. It's time we check this rot.

100% ..for a college admission??

100% cutoff for getting admission into Delhi University is something one fail to decipher!! This is crazy stuff. How did these students manage to get 100% ?? Was it objective questions they had to answer?? I am unable to understand the whole process of it.. One who scores 99%, will be relegsted to second list and have to wait out for their chance!! Not good enough ? May be they are good enough to be admitted to MIT or Harward but not into Delhi University? Are we not driving these kids nuts?? May be my IQ is too low to analyse it..( on the otherhand, Glad that I am  past the age and stage in life to go thru such process. God save these kids who have to go thru such heart burns!!!).

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

REvoke Article 370and retain AFSPA in JK

How long we continue to appease minority community in JK by guaranting them continued special status in the form of Article 370?  Omar Abdulla does't want to revoke AFSPA but when it comes to ARTICLE 370, he wants it to continue  forever. The 1974 Indira-Sheikh accord mentions that " The State of Jammu and Kashmir which is a constituent unit of the Union of India, shall, in its relation with the Union, continue to be governed by Article 370 of the Constitution of India " .
Indian citizens from other states can not purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir. But what about the lakhs of  Kashmiry Pandits who have been thrown out of the state by the so called minority community? How long they are going to live in the transit camps in other states? What about the land and other properties of these people which has been usurped by these minority community? LK Advani is right in asking for the revoke of Article 370 which in essence supposed to be in force for a short period but almost 40 years has passed since the implementation of this special status. This appeasement of minority community and vote bank politics by the Congress Party must stop. We are not against Govt providing them with the modern infrastructures. The recently innuagurated Rail link is good for the state. But at the same time, the displace pandits needs to be broughtback and given their rightfull place under the sun..

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


''Where is Mr.Omar Abdulla who has been pressurizing Centre for the revoke of AFSPA all these time?. What he has to say about the killing of 8 jawans? If AFSPA is revoked, then the entire army will be sitting ducks. We have been SMOKING PEACE PIPE with too many people for too long within the country and outside but at what cost? Why PM shud visit JK now? what is the purpose? The blood of our soldiers shud not go waste. Now Omar Abdulla says that there is no chance of escalated terror attacks on Amarnath Yatra.. Are these Terrorists going to take his permission before the attack??? We need to retaliate without any reservations. We have been dilly dallying too much with too many terror groups, naxalites, maoists for too long.. Where is that woman Arundhati Roy who has been spinning yarn about human rights violation etc. While our soldiers face the bullets from faceless terrorists day in and day out, these so called pseudo human rights activists give lectures to the like minded so called  secularists across the country in AC halls. They go off the radar very conveniently to suit their line of argument.'' I rest my case...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

hindi china bhai bhai

Came across this hilarious news from china wherein students and their parents went on a strike protesting for not allowing them to copy in the examination. Students who came prepared to copy using modern technology were frisked and their gadgets were taken away. Further a battalion of new invigilators monitored the entire examination thereby denying the students a chance to copy. The main grouse of the students and parents is that only their region had been singled out whereas students from other region could copy without any problem which they felt is unfair. Well.. we thought this problem is only limited to our country where mass copying has been the birth right of the students.. looks like it is an epidemic spread across the globe.. Hindi china bhai bhai.....


There can be no Peace talk with Taliban without involving Karzai Govt of Afghanistan. US is totally wrong in their idea of peace talk with Taliban after years of conflict with them. This peace talk will only give them unexpected legitimacy which they will use it to their advantage. Only people who will gain out of the whole issue is Taliban and Pakistan. India after having spent over 2 billion in infrastructural programmes in Afghanistan cannot be a mute spectator to this drama unfolding. India must make it very clear to John Kerry, visiting US Secretary of state about our concern over the whole issue. No Karzai govt involvement in the peace talk, then there shud be no talk at all..


I was flabbergasted to read the article by Karan Thapur in today's Hindustan Times under the title " A bit of a Gatecrasher". Ever since Narendra Modi walked out of his TV Interview, I believe, Thapur has been nursing a grudge against him. On one hand, he says that he is the only CM to visit Uttarakand in the aftermath of the tragedy which as per him, is nothing but for publicity. Modi arranged for the evacuation of the stranded tourists from Gujarat and ensured that top officials of his state are physically available to monitor it. He has even offered to rebuild Kedarnath shrine. In the face of such a mammoth tragedy, it is too mean of Thapar to term it as an opportunistic visit. The ruling Congress party headed by Vijay Bahuguna has failed miserably and has done precisely nothing as the entire state machinery was caught napping. Our mouni swami PM and Soniayaji took an aerial view of the affected area and very grandiously declared 1000 crores as relief money which is nothing but tax payers' money... May I ask Karan Thapar one thing? In the face of this great calamity, where is our dear Rahul Baba?? I believe he is holidaying somewhere in Spain or Italy...Affected people be damned... Had it not for Indian Army, we wud have been counting the death in the region of 50000 plus. Karan Thapar has got his brain firmly stuck between his legs.. Finding fault with Modi for everything has affected his equilibrium altogether..Narendra Modi does't need a certificate from you Thapar.. Except for you, I don't think there will be another soul in this country who will question the visit of Mr.Modi to Uttarakand.. that too in the face of such a calamity.. Shame on you .. take a walk...It is people like you who puts wrong ideas into the minds of gullible people.. You will remain a stooge of Congress for rest of your life... WE ARE LOOKING FOR CHANGE  and MODI IS THE GUY WHO CAN BRING ABOUT THAT CHANGE...

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sholay revisited

Our BMC corporators got no other business except renaming the roads,iconic buildings , chowks etc. Now One MNS corporator by the name, Dilip Lande wants to change Malabar Hill to RAMNAGARI.. We don't know, whether Raj Thackery has given his nod for it???As per him, Ram stayed at Malabar hill on his way to find Sita... great story.. ( must have stayed in one of the high raise towers?
As per my research, Mr.Gabbar Singh, stayed at Malabar Hill after escaping from Jail ...Let us rename Malabar Hill as " Ramghad" as Gabbar always liked raiding it..Those who liked AK Hangal's acting in the movie Sholay, can opt for " Andha Nagari"" Pl submit your choice of names to be submitted to BMC...for majority choice!!!!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

sychopancy at its best!!

Ï WILL PICK UP THE BROOM AND SWEEP THE ROOM" if  Soniayaji ask me to do.. said Mr.Charandas Mahat , new union minister for Agriculture snd food processing, from Raipur,

 Rahul Gandhi is natural Leader, I will vacate PM position for him, says Manmohan singh,

 As far as Jayalalita's ministers are concerned, they wud rather postrate before her rathar in front of God to save their position..

 these are some of the very naked symptoms of asslicking, hight of sychopancy prevailing in our political system.


The unabatted killing of Tigers in Vidharbha region by the habitual pouchers  is alarming to say the least!! .As per the report, pouchers have killed five tigers and there could be more!
 Pouching is not limited to Vidharbha only. We have been losing our One horned Rhinos to Pouchers steadily for the last few years in Assam and despite big hue and cry in the paper by the animal activists, nothing has really changed.  The crux of the problem is the very weak laws concerning the pouching in India, which allows the pouchers to get out on  bail and resume pouching again.. Once a Poucher life time poucher..
 The reasons for thriving pouching business are plenty.  Main being very few security personnel to guard a vast area of the forests, too many porus entries, corrupt officials,  ever ready Indian and foreign buyers and easy money to earn. Unless we strengthen our Laws concerning pouching, these killings will continue and the day will come when we will  be able to watch these exotic animals only in  stuffed condition in Museums... That day is not far off... 


Mamta Benerjee has lost it... She went other day to Kamduni village, WEST BENGAL to meet the family of the girl who was gangraped and murdered. Instead of giving some kind of assurance to the protesting family and friends, she called the slogan shouting women protesters as "CPM GOONS "..
Imagine such remarks from CM of the state!!! Her brinkmanship has resulted in alround chaos in west bengal and no Industrialist worth the salt will ever take the trouble of starting any venture there. She is uncouth, unpredictable and non-pragmatic. It is possibly because, years of being on the opposition and calling strikes and paralysing the state altogether.... Shouting slogans and crippling Industries is far easier than managing the state as an Administrator.. She has fllen flat in the eyes of the nation and has betrayed her own people...what a pity...

Natural leader or Natural Heir?????

""Narendra Modi has to establish himself in BJP before challenging others.".thoughless comments from Ajay Meken, one of the congress neta from delhi . Narendra Modi has already proven to the rest of the country by his astute leadership quality by managing Gujarat and his elevation to national level by the BJP think tank if the result of his proven ability. Ajay Meken first look at his own party where dynasty rules.. What credentials Rahul Gandhi has got to lead the nation?? He lost out in Bihar and UP despite being made election Head. Breaking roti and sitting on charpai and getting himself photograpged with some remote UP former is not going to impress us and he cannot fool us with such gimmicks. However the most hopless comments are from our own PM.Mr.Manmohan singh who says that "Rahul is Natural Leader of UPA-3" Actually Rahul is "natural Heir " to nation because this position has been usurped by the famous Nehru-Gandhi family, First it was Jawaharlal nehru, followed by Indira Gandhi, then Rajiv Gandhi, then Sonia Gandhi missed it by a whisker being a Italian, now way is cleared for Rahul Gandhi to take charge. This sorry state of affairs is the the poor leadership by Congress and alround  looting of the country since the Independence by the so called netas....

Power hungry and Egocentric- Leaders of the future...

A Pakistani Woman Legislator from Sind, Ms.Nighat Sheikh, slaped a Bus Hostess for not providing her water immedietly when she asked for it. Further she abused her and called police and got her arrested.... well.. Though Pakistan was carved out of India by British, the mentality and mindset of the elected reps of both the countries remains same!!! Remember the case of Kadam and Thakur..., MLAs from Maharashtra who manhandled a Police Officer for stoping them from speeding on the Bandra Link Bridge??? These so called leaders forget the fact that they are elected by the very people to serve them.Such high handed attitude and gross misuse of power shud be dealt with severely by the Authorities. Best would be, people shud unite and ensure that they don't get elected in the next term. Without power, these rogues are like Fish out of water...

Ray of Hope for the Poor !!!

To the relief of millions of Indians, prices of normal medicines are expected to comedown by 20 to 25% and life saving drugs by 80%, especially cancer. The dreaded decease which kills lakhs of people every year in India, mainly due to unaffordable price of the essential drugs. National pharmaceutical pricing authority has already announced same which has come into effect from 15th May and Pharmaceutical companies  are told to clar the existing stock within 45 days.The part of this major change in Policy must go to AMIR KHAN, who spoke about the  sky rocketing prices of life saving drugs in his programme"SATYA MEVA JAYATHE"last year  which made the govt to take necessary action...It shows that public opinion matters provided if you use it in a right way...

Monday, 17 June 2013

Flight of Building files from BMC!!

As per the Report appeared in The Hindustan Times, around 5997 building related files seems to be missing/misplaced indicating the nexus between builders and officials from BMC. This is a freightening numbers but there could be thousands of more files which must have been destroyed to suppress the irregularity associated with these buildings. Routinely, every file when it is circulated around is properly marked, entries made to ensure that they are dealt in time  by the officers dealing with it. It is evident that a big racket is  played in the corridors of BMC involving big money. As reported in the HT, it is time, a better method needs to be adopted by BMC by way of taking a back up digital copy of each file which can stored safely and only  few authorized personnel may be given permission to handle it in an emergency. BMC commissioner Mr. Sitaram Kunte needs to act on it without further delay.


We are "Resilient by Force, not by choice" famous dialogue by Great actor Naseeruddin Shah from the movie "The Wednesday"... It is the uncanny ability of Mumbaikars to return to normalcy in the face of adversity.. While saluting this die-hard spirit, dissolutioning fact is their apathy, attitude towards co passengers which is rather very disheartening...Take the case of Ms.Purva Bhogle who thrashe...d a pervert in the ladies compartment on 24th June for groping her and handed over him to police while rest of the female passengers were non cooperative, non-committal and mute spectators!! Those who opened their mouth only advised her to let him go!!
This attitude does't limit to females only. Same story with males as well. The unwritten travel policy is not to get involved in any 3rd party matter!!!Who has the time to go to police, be a witness etc...Not to bother unless it bothers you.... Instead of helping accident victims, people leave them to their deathly fate, to be attended
belatedly by the police.. These incidents keeps happening around us everyday and we do nothing about it... However, here the non-commitment is by choice and not by force.. that is the prize we pay for the urban life! Apnaa Haath Jaganath!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013


The cutting of Mangroves for paving way for Railway track neear Nerul-sea wood is little disturbing!!! Though CR has given an undertaking to High Court that they will relay the mangroves after the completion of railway work which is expected to take over 3 years minimum. Having seen the wanton destruction of Mangroves around city for years, the gut feeling is that builder lobby around this area will surely gobble up this stretch of land in no time and CR will end up fighting a futile battle which will go on in courts forever. Though CR has laid pipes under the newly laid road for sea water to run through for the survival of the mangroves on the landside, I am sure, some criminal minds might find a way to block the passage of the sea water( by dumping debries at the mouth of the pipes) which will result in death of mangroves from bigger area.
The NGO which is involved in "SAVE MANGROVES"must keep a close watch on this patch of road and monitor the activities of builders around and ensure CR lives upto their promise of relaying the mangroves..These Mangroves are life line of Mumbai Island without which whole city will be "swamped by sea  one day....
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"The Taken "- Emaan Shah "???

The disappearance of 17 year old Bandra girl Emaan Shah from Oxford street, london while on shopping with her mother is very disturbing....This brings back the rape and murder of a 17 year old british Girl, Hannah Foster on 14th March 2003 by Immigrant Indian Driver, Pal Singh Kohli, who escaped to India after committing the crime and was eventually caught and deported back to UK to serve Life ...imprisonment.
However what is more freightening is the possibility of involvement of Mafia from East Eurpean countries who are specialised in Flesh trade. Having seen the movie "TAKEN" starring Irish actor Liam Neeson on the same subject, I shudder to think of such possibilities. Hope UK police is able to find her alive and in good health in good time.

Resilience by Choice?

We are "Resilient by Force, not by choice" famous dialogue by Great actor Naseeruddin Shah from the movie "The Wednesday"... It is the uncanny ability of Mumbaikars to return to normalcy in the face of adversity.. While saluting this die-hard spirit, dissolutioning fact is their apathy, attitude towards co passengers which is rather very disheartening...Take the case of Ms.Purva Bhogle who thrashed a pervert in the ladies compartment on 24th June for groping her and handed over him to police while rest of the female passengers were non cooperative, non-committal and mute spectators!! Those who opened their mouth only advised her to let him go!!
This attitude does't limit to females only. Same story with males as well. The unwritten travel policy is not to get involved in any 3rd party matter!!!Who has the time to go to police, be a witness etc...Not to bother unless it bothers you.... Instead of helping accident victims, people leave them to their deathly fate, to be attended 
belatedly by the police.. These incidents keeps happening around us everyday and we do nothing about it... However, here the non-commitment is by choice and not by force.. that is the prize we pay for the urban life! Apnaa Haath Jaganath!!!

Cleaning up your Junk!!!

Good news for Men!!! While women go for BOTOX to tuck in their thighs,tits and butts . Men are not lagging behind now...As per news from Hollywood, Men now go for " Ball Ironing" ( scrotum unwrinkled..). The famous personality from Hollywood who disclosed to have gone thru this procedure is George Clooney...A Spa from Santa Monica is offering " Tackle tightening" service which is a non-surgical procedure which uses laser to correct discoloration and remove hair and wrinkles on the scrotum, overall tightening to the external know where!!!!There has been a increase of Men clientele to the extent of 40% at this Spa.
Santa Monica.. here we come!!!!

Law of convenience...

An 11 year old boy in New Zealand has fathered a child with a 36 year old mother of his friend...which has raised many a questions... As per NZ law, only men can be tried for rape and not women!!! Now the tricky question is whether to try the boy for the rape or the woman?? Since woman is protected under law, they cant try her.
Since boy has proved that he is capable of fathering a child, he might be tried..
However since he is underage, he can't be tried under NZ law...So under their law, none can be tried... Good .. this is called the Law of convenience!!!

Asylum for Snowden in Russia??

Russia's offer of asylum to Whistle blower, Mr. Snowden is a big farce.. It is nothing but a mockery and Putin is trying to pull a trick , attempting to show that he is generous and benevolent and has the guts to stand against rest of the world.... Remember the Russian all Girls Punk band which spoke against Putin??? All of them were tried in the court on false charges and despite Protests from majority of countries, they were sent to jail for 2 years. Putin is nothing but a dictator who does't like anyone to speak against him and most of his opponents are either jailed or have taken flight out of the country...Snowden shud steer clear of Russia which will only use him for the propaganda purpose and once his usefulness gets over, they will throw him out...

courage under fire...

Whistle blower Snowden needs to be saluted for standing against a mighty country like USA which needs conviction, courage and of course guts...In a Interview with newspaper "Guardian" he asked " why are Democracies turn into secret states that snoop their own citizens?I don't want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under" .. This is what we call courage under fire....

mob mentality..

Attacking Railway Motormen become a fade in mumbai city.. which is unacceptable...
Someone dies on the track...motor man is blamed..
Someone falls of train.. motorman is targeted....
Rain delays...motorman and trains are stoned.
They have become easy target for the impatient crowd...
It is time, Railways provide armed guards at both the ends of every train to prevent such unprovoked attacks.. or every platform must have armed guards who can monitor the crowd behavior in advance and act to prevent any such violent action by the irate crowd...This kind of MOB MENTALITY needs to be curbed and Railways must take corrective action to prevent such incidents...

Saturday, 15 June 2013

have you guys heard the news and seen the clip of BSP MP SHAFIGUR REHMAN BURQ walking out of the Parliament last week when VANDE MATHURAM was being played? The reason given by this AH is that his religion does't permit or respect this Song.. This kind of thinking by so called Muslim MPs is creating a CHASM and untrust between the religions. Under the so called cover of SHRIA law, they are able to get away with such mindless act which is nothing but a slap on every one of us. What this MP needs is a slap on his face. How can they represent us in the parliament. They are so shallow and narrow minded and preach hatred. Why the speaker of the parliament has not taken any action against this MP? We the people of the free INdia wants an answer to such a cowardly act. No one is forcing them to sing.. But have respect to your own country. If they don't like the ways of life in India, then they are free to leave.. go to Pakistan or Bangladesh or to Saudi.Then only they will realise how fortunate they are in India...kick his ass....Mayavathi must take action against her so called MP...

In the name of imparting Education, the school trustees around mumbai are acting like dictators. Couple of years back, Vibgyor International School from Goregaon fought with parents of a student for voicing against fee hike, same case with Bilbong school from thane which slapped some 5 crore defamation case against some parents for the same reason. But the worst case is of Antonio D'Silva, Dadar wherein a teacher meted out corporal punishment to a student and now have put a bad remark in his school leaving certificate....This kind of blackmail or bullying by any Educational Institute is unacceptable. It is time either the state govt authorities steps in or the court and make sure that School does't getaway with such action.

Disgraced cricketer Shreeshant has been given more than enough coverage by the press.... Shreeshant coming out of jail, giving press statement, in a pensive mood, visiting temple, hugging mother... now the icing on the cake is his Goddamn TULABARAM, weighing himself against Banana!!! We are sick of his face appearing in the news papers all the time.. Has the press of the country gone BANAANA????

ÜSE WATER BETTER,INCREASE OUTPUT" call given by Sharad Pawar at Nasik... At the same time, more than 200 lakh metric tonnes of food grain worth Rs 2024 crore was dumped in the open by the FCI, clearly vulnerable to damage yet government of India did not set side even Rs 300 crore for creating addl storage infrastructure.
What is point in producing more by conserving water which eventually gets wasted by the Govt for lack of storage facility? Can Mr.Pawar answer these questions pl????
I believe he is still our Agriculture Minister and not just Sugar lobby minister!!!!
Suraj Pancholi now has been remanded to judicial custody based on very flimsy grounds which as per legal experts will not stand the scrutiny of the Law. Jiah's family is hell bent on punishing Suraj for their loss which is understandable. On the 13th june, A 15 year old girl in Andheri committed suicide after her parents stopped her from talking to her boyfriend as they felt she is too young to get into such relationship..Can they be arrested for driving their daughter to take such step? Need of the hour is proper counseling for troubled teenagers who easily slip into suicide moods on flimsy grounds...
Indian Team has already been benefited with DRS system in their match against West Indies. With Sharad Pawar and Srinivasan out of picture, Dalmiya must give his NOD for accepting DRS system as India is the only country which has been opposing implementation of same on Indian shores. It's been sheer arrogance on part of BCCI to oppose same and ICC cud not do anything due to Money clout of BCCI. Dalmiya will gain if he goes with the popular demand which will help ICC to implement uniformed use of DRS in all the future cricket matches across the globe..

BSNL will send final Telegram on July 15th which will bring an end to 163 years of service to Mankind.. During our younger days, it mainly used for sending bad news, death of near and dear ones... TELEGRAM can be called as SMS of older generation..Techno changes are order of the day and many of the younger generation don't even knows the existence of TELEGRAM...shall we say RIP??
13 members of a social organization for women were arrested for demonstrating near the resident of Mamta benerjee to protest the gang rape and killing of a girl student...Looks like Mamta benerjee got a short memory...2/3 of her life was spent on calling strikes and dharnas and generally paralysing whole of kolkata during CPM rule..
Rita Tawade, BMC corporator from BJP opposed Shop window Mannequins becos it will increase the sexual desire of passerby...what weird logic from our so called peoples rep.. If she has the guts, she shud go and stop the live fashion models who walk the ramps in barely there clothes.. No .. she won't do it.. because the guys who watch the shows are from the Upper crest of the Society..who only watch the show but no touch.. We have seen scantly clad Jain Munis walk the street around Ghatkoper and women take their blessings .. Is there any sexual feelings??.. Any action against them Mrs.Tawde? These so called moral conscious keepers of the city are ok with Sunny Leone gyrating to some stupid song on silver screen or Madhuri Dixit rubbing her tits into Anil Kapoor's nose in the movie "beta". Nothing wrong there...Any amount of skin flick on the screen is no big deal.. but poor lifeless Mannequins are a threat to the society...We live in a funny funny world...
A suspended BCCI president got no right to attend ICC meeting. Dalmiya is the current president and he shud attend the meeting. Srivasan has still got his leg inside the door and trying to sneak back.. ICC officials totally oppose any such attempt by Srinivasan as the whole idea is to clean up the cricket and Srinivasan is the epitomy of the sleeze in Indian cricket.....
while people of the world stage rallies and support whistle blowers, the govts and their agencies are hell bent on hunting them down . UK govt has already spent 5 million pounds on monitoring Julian Assange, FBI is breathing down on Snowden who broke the US cyber snooping of people of the world.. Our own whistle blowers like Manjunath who fought against oil mafia lost his life, so also Mr.Shetty from Lonavala who fought against some illegal constructions... The world has become intolerable place for people who fight for justice....
We fail to understand the reservation shown by Mr.Sharad Pawar in passing the much needed FOOD SECURITY BILL. Had this bill passed, more than half of the poplution of the country wud have legally got food grains at a cheaper price.This matter has been pending since 2009 and still refered back to parliament for further debate. As we see it, once this bill is passed, pawar's mega rich friends frommaharashtra might lose out on making more money which will erode his power. Millions of tons of food grains are wasted across the country for want of proper storage facility and Pawar does't have time to look into the matter. He has now taken up residence in mumbai with an eye to contest election of MCA which shows his tendency to act like octopus by spreading his tenticles everywhere.. As Agriculture Minister, he is answerable to the people of India and he must support FOOD SECURITY BILL without any reservation...With inflation touching alarming levels, this is the need of the hour....

High court order for CBI to probe Tribal Welfare Fund of Rs.6000 crores is most welcome. This money seems to have been siphoned of between 2004 to 2010 when Mr.Vijay Kumar Gavit was the Tribal welfare minister. Poor tribals are deprived of basic amenities like good,shelter, power,potable water,school hospital and job which eventually results in them becoming naxalities and taking up arms against the govt.The genesis of the problems lies in there...Whoever is responsible for such mega scam shud be booked and punished.. because this is crime against humanity......

Hope to play in 2015 worldcup..says shreeshant...Guy must have lost his bearing.. He is just out on bail....There are enough material evidences found in his person which is good enough to pack him back.....We have enough talent bowlers around to play for India.. we don't want to see him fluttering his turkey towel again....

Jullian Assange of Wiki Leaks disclosed that his request for Assylum was not granted by Indian Govt whereas a small country like Ecuador from south america had the guts to grant him same.. It is a shame on our Spineless Govt which does't have the guts to stand for right. We claim to be the biggest democratic country in the world which seems to be only in the paper and not in deed...We shud not be talking about Human rights anymore....
Men misusing verbal Talaaq.. Protest by Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan against Divorce though skype, emails, SMS.. which needs to looked into by the state govt. A codified Law is the need of the hour to save these women turning into destitutes. Muslim Leaders need to look at the plieght of affected muslim women in general and ensure that Men donot take easy way out to get ride of their lawfully wedded wives by merely sending few lines saying talaaq..talaaq...talaaq...

While all the parties in agreement for taking tough action against Naxalites, they are attacking civilians with impunity.. They have attacked Dhanbad Express, targetting poor civilians. This shows that they least bother about lives of common people. For them, they are on one side and all others are on the opposite side. Hence this mindless killing. It is time Govt.calls in Army and sanitize the entire naxal area and box them in...
shortcut Romeo, movie starring Neil Mukesh and Pooja Gupta has been given U/A certificate by Censor board b'cos of kissing scenes.. this is hillarious!!!!.. Are we in 21st century or going back to stone age??Indian Cinema had kissing scenes for ages and all these movies were not necessarily given U/A certificate.. who are these Monks sitting at the censor board.?? They get to watch all kind of scenes from movies from different languages across India and must be getting really high on so called objectionable scenes... If you are watching any hollywood flicks which shows bit of boobs or buttocks, immediately same are smoked out..leaving us panting desperately for the rest of the movie..All these censor guys act like st.peters and mother teresas of the world....curse you guys from the bottom of my heart...
PMO says Robert vadra -DLF matter is confidential which cannot be revealed under RTI, which was sought by a activist....Looks like everything related to ROBERT VADRA is confidential and we ordinary folks donot have the right to ask anything to do with Holy family...I hope Mr. GOSWAMI of Times Now takes up this issue in the coming days and he must thunder and thump on the table and declare.." THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY" wants to know the real deal..
It is time for Raj Thackery to take action against his MLA Ram Kadam from Ghatkoper... He was in news for attacking Police officer couple of months ago and now he has gone ahead and attacked a BMC Engineer for demolishing illigal structure.These elected so called representative of people act like demi gods and they resort to illigal actions with scant respect to the law of the land. With so many cases pending against him, Court must treat him as a repeat offender and stop giving him bail....

Dhoni shud delink with Rhiti sports, says new BCCI treasurer Mr.Ravi Swant, citing conflict of Interest... If he demands it, then he shud demand same from Mr.Srivasan, who lorded over BCCI and acted as owner of CSK as well.. One canot twist law to suit their interests.. First of all, CSK shud be banned pending enquiry... thereafter BCCI have to decide whether srinivasan has the right to wear two caps..