Sunday, 3 July 2011

Justice Denied

I am surprised to read the article " Horrific.tasteless" main headlines in Sunday Mumbai Mirror wherein they have called Ashok Pandit, mumbai's rent-a-protestor. In my opinion, it is totally tasteless comment. Maria Susairaj got away with murder most heineous and author of this article seems to be siding with the killer.If Ashok Pandit is a rent a protestor, then, Medha Pathak and Anna Hazare will also be termed as rent a protestor. These people have taken the time off their life to protest the gross injustice happening around the country for us and this idiot of a author have the cheek to doubt their intentions. Neeraj Grover cud have been a son/brother/husband and a budding life has been snuffed off due to diabolic scheme hatched by these two killers. If a murderess cud walk out from the jail after completing just 3 years, then what is the value of a life in our society. It is a fit case for   minimum punishment of  life imprisonment and our court have erred in its decision in letting the killers off with such lame punishment. We all must support old parents of Neeraj and state govt.must file a review petition. Maria has got no right to walk around breathing same air like us. I strongly protest this gross injustice  and expect peoples forum to take up this issue further...

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