Friday, 23 August 2013

right to get paronoid?

While we are resigned to the fact that all the goods associated with Great Indian Festival Diwali and Holi, such as Fire crackers, water guns etc, now comes from the faraway factories of china, it is very dismaying to note this year that the streets of India were flooded with rakhis made in China as well! The novel concept of celebrating and cementing brother and sister's love by tieing the rakhi had been in practice for ages in parts of India and the traditional Indian made Rakhis used to flood the market, giving impetus to the traditional cottage and small scale Industries in India. It's such a shame that even something like "RAKHI" which has this truly rustic Indian holistic aura around it, is now comes from the remote factories of China which is something we cannot fathom . What is so difficult about making rakhis here? Is there a demand and supply issue in India or have we run out of manufacturing facilities? Is it a rocket science that only China has the technical knowhow and the ability to meet the deadlines? Is there any explanation for this traditional degradation and moral bankrumpcy of ideas?
This brings forth another question. Is there any festivals left in India for us to celebrate without getting generous helping hand of Chinese now? Dahi Handi? Pyramids? forget it..Last couple of years, Spanish teams have been coming to India to participate in this festival, and it is matter of time before China starts sending their team of acrobats to steal a march over Desi experts in breaking Dahi Handis in the bylanes of Parel, the heart of Mumbai.
It's a wake up call for us or else we will end up selling our soul by importing Grean and clean Ganapati statues from the shores of China as well which will be a final nail in our coffin. Am I not right in getting paronoid about it?

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