Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The usually reticent and reserved Mr. Rahul Gandhi convened a two day Workshop, on 22nd July at Jawahar Bhavan, New Delhi, to educate and advise his own over jealous congress spokespersons on the modalities and method of airing their opinion on various political issues while talking to Press on behalf of the Congress Party. He emphasized on some six finer points of “ code of conduct” such as, You are not your spokesperson but that of the Party, speak in one voice, Don't digress from the party line, Party will take note of those violating the norms, Counter the lies with Truth, Always speak the Truth and give facts, believe in positive politics, choose your words and language carefully as you belong to the party of Mahatma Gandhi etc.
However, within a month’s time, we have seen the result of the meet!
It seems the seasoned spokespersons misunderstood the whole concept of the “Mind your language”advise from Mr.Rahul Gandhi.!! They must have thought that the workshop is aimed at telling Mr.Narendra Modi to Mind his language!. Whether they believed in rest of the code of conduct or not, but all the congress spokespersons have made a point to speak in ‘one voice’. They attacked Mr. Narendra Modi soon after his Independence Day speech, calling him Frog, Fascist, Feku Obama, Kalanayak and Gangu Teli which was most vitriolic and vicious racist attack one has seen in recent times,crossing the limits of decency. If one goes through the speech given by Mr.Narendra Modi on the Independence Day from Lalan College grounds,Bhuj, there was no doubt that he went after the Prime Minister, ManMohan Singh, for his lack of conviction, lackadaisical approach and soft handling of foreign aggression etc, while addressing the nation from Red Fort, Delhi.
While Mr.Modi spoke about his own brand of vision for India 2014, he has been not called anyone from congress party in derogatory terms, whereas the congress spokespersons threw the caution to the wind, went after Mr.Modi with their hammer and tong attack with no holds barred kind of zeal. This was in direct controversion of the “mind your language” advise given by Mr.Rahul Gandhi which showed their lack of respect to the young leader who is supposed to be leading them in the year 2014.
It looks like the two day workshop by Congress leadership was just a propaganda war aimed at fooling opposition parties and misleading the people of the country to create a holistic opinion of the Congress Party. We are still waiting for the promised rebuke and action against the seasoned spokespersons to come from Rahul Gandhi. If his own people misunderstands his brand of politics, common people like us should be excused for not understanding his analysis of “Poverty is nothing but state of mind”, which is truly beyond ones comprehension.

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