Wednesday, 28 August 2013

game changer incident?

While congratulating the England Team for winning the Ashes in convincing fashion, one cannot but agree that this series has its share of controversies. Apart from the substandard on the field  Umpiring decisions coupled with  UDR blunders, Stuart Broad epitomized the modern cricket mentality of staying put on the crease despite knowing that he was out caught but  Assies were left feeling helpless having used their quota of appeals. Subsequent Media trial and  call by Australia Manager, Darren Lehmann asking Fans back home to prepare to give Broad a rowdy reception when England Team comes down under for return Tournament. The matter was defused after outcry by the media and ex.cricketers  and subsequent apology tendered by Lehmann to Stuart Broad. 
However the icing on the cake was the gross misconduct of urinating on the hallowed pitch of OVAL CRICKET GROUND by the supposedly intoxicated England players post winning Ashes series is totally unacceptable to the  civil world. There are ways and means to add insult to the injury  of the defeated opponent, but this act by some of the reputed English players is totally beyond anyone's comprehension. England is the birth place of cricket and they have been torch bearers of the Good conduct on and off the field for the cricket playing nations across the Globe for longtime.

 With the modernisation and evolving of cricket in different forms including day and night cricket , change in attitude and approach by cricketers and the paying public is expected. While Organizers keep a strict watch over the unruly spectators, this kind of over the top act by these british players is totally uncalled. Australian cricketers and Fans are known for their hyper arrogance and this pissing incident will only add fuel to their rivalry and I am sure Australians must be already frothing in their mouth and plotting for  revenge  which is going to be unsavory. Cricket is not going to  be a  gentleman's game anymore and the year end Ashes Tournament  in Australia is going be a Game changer in terms of Conduct and approach to it by both the teams. 

Though the players involved in this matter has issued their apology, the famed Assie Pride is now dented beyond repair hence it is prudent on part of both Team managements to sit together and decide on a plan to cool off the Frosty relationship and consign the matter of "urination of cricket" to the History. 

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