Sunday, 1 December 2013

a case of Narcissicm

Charu Nivedita is suffering from Narcissicm and self-grandiose attitude... Calling India writers English not being very palatable and booker prize winner Adiga's "White Tiger"as boring is the proof of it. He makes an exception to Tarun Tej...pal's novel Älchemy of Desire"" which he brackets with some other world renouned writers which I will bet no one can read more than 10 pages which are boring to say the least. However his clarification in Asian age dated 30th november is laughable wherein he wrote after he got panned by all and sundry for his stupid support to Tarun Tejpal. He is still questioning the treatment given to Tarun , his family and his colleagues by the Press. Those who followed this case knows that what Tarun Tejpal has done, his flipflop and the action of his editor, Shoma chaudhary which shows the insensitivity towards the victim. Instead of sympethising with the victim, for whom he did't have any kind word in the entire article, he is asking the readers where were they when Tarun's novels made headlines in India and outside!!! Come on...What his fame and achievements got to do with this molestation? Since Tarun Tejpal has set a impeccable standard for himself thru Tehelka, he shud have behaved in a manner which befits his own cultivated image. Instead he chose to molest his own colleague who is like a daughter to him. Caesar's wife should be above suspecision...Tarun Tejpal, with his hauty hollier thou image, shud have remembers that but failed to do so...he have to pay the price for his indugence...

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