Wednesday, 18 December 2013


US treats everyone, be it rich or poor or famous in the same coin. Remember Straus Kahn, World Bank President who was pulled out of Plane and handcuffed for committing rape of a Maid from the hotel?? But the core issue  is they have a rule for their own citizens across the globe and when it comes to other nationals, they have a different yard stick...that is where the problem is. There are half a  dozen incidents wherein their citizens were involved in murder, fraud and US govt leaves no stone un-turned in getting them free irrespective of their crime which is what bugs us. Remember the way they treated Abdul Kalam, the President to 1.2 billion people of India by making him to go thru body search, SRK, inspite of being a famous face has to go thru inordinate detention, so also George Fernandes who was our Defense Minister. The most of the US Govt authorities, especially the middle level personnel, are racial to the core and love to mistreat other nationals in the name of law as they get sadistic pleasure out of it. We Indians, inspite of getting our Independence from British, still suffer from  the mental block of " Master and Slave" and bend backwards to entertain the first white skin comes on our way. We need to get out of this stupid notion that Whites are superior to us. That is the first step. We need to learn from Chinese who are now out to get their pound of flesh after being fleeced by Japanese and other white race for centuries. Remember the Opium war which was waged against their population by British rendering almost all able bodied chinese addicted to it?? Now china is asserting their true ability and US and other European countries simply hating their guts. Coming back to this diplomatic row with US, though India is paying back them with right medicine and giving them eye ball to eye ball treatment, we shud not resort to stupid kneejerk reactions like removing the security road blocks across their Embassy in Delhi which is totally uncalled for. As a Host country,it is our duty to give proper security to all the Embassies. Yes we need to hit them where it hurts. US personnel, especially their diplomats loves to throw their weight around and we need to nip it at the bud. Stop giving them that extra bit comforts which they love. Check their treatment of Indian Employees in India and see whether they are paying them as per the rule. We need to scrutinize every details concerning their embassy and the dealings of their personnel. All said and done, historically, Democrats in US always been against India and it is Republican Presidents who always been good to India. For all his War mongering and questionable actions across the world, George Bush has always had a soft corner for India whereas we urban Indians love to deride him copying their own Press. President Obama is least bothered about India as in their scheme of things, it is Pakistan which is important for them and they are least bothered about India's border problem with Pakistan. Since they are pulling out of Afghanistan by end 2014, they need the passage thru Pakistan to remove their Defense Hardware hence already given over the top Defense and Economic aids to Pakistan to secure the passage. Due to inept handling of International issues and relationships with neighbouring countries, India has become a loner and friendless in the region except for perhaps Bhutan!!! However, it is time we assert ourselves and call spade a spade and put US in its own place and start flexing our muscles. India is a emerging economic power and US cannot ignore us for long. For that, we need a change of ideology and change of Govt at the Centre as UPA is toothless and rudderless.

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