Sunday, 22 December 2013

double speak by US

New york Times and Washington Post comments may be anthem to Americans, but it need not be gospel truth for us. I will rather go with our own Arnab Goswami's comments which is pro- India. There are few points for us to ponder here:- a) During his visit in the month of Nov, 2010, President Obama complimented and commended India's thriving vibrant Democracy and Judiciary system whereas his own official, the half caste Indian Attorney, Preet Bharara, chose to evacuate Maid's family, casting aspersions on India's Judiciary system which is a insult to entire India. b) Before pointing fingers at India's judicary system, US must try to check their system in place. The recent acquittal of George Zimmarmann, the white killer of a black boy, the decade old case of barbaric beating of Rodney King by racist white policemen, the evacuation of a US soldier from Japan who raped and killed a Japanese teenager, the killing of two pakistani civilians by a CIA agent Richard Davis in pakistan and his subsequent evacuation despite protest from Pakistan is dipsicable. c) they have been continously carrying out drone attacks on mountain areas of pakistan to flush out taliban terrorists despite pakistan's protests, violating their soverignty. d) The minimum wage to be paid to a maid under US Law is equivalent to the salary paid to Devyani, the Dy.Consulate by Indian Govt. In that case, It is Indian Govt which needs to look and revise the salary of all its consulate and diplomats so that they cud afford to pay their house maids or drivers.. All said and done, this Preet bharara character has got his own ambitious plan to position himself as a senator hence he is looking for soft targets like Indians to cement his position in American politics.''

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