Monday, 2 September 2013

what is the purpose?

Came across the news item appeared in DNA  dated 1st September 2013 under local vocal column  stating that a Doctor from  GT Hospital, Mumbai  was sentenced to 2 years RI for accepting Rs.1000/= bribe. This is such a shame. Though I do not endorse corruption at any level especially in such a noble profession, this punishment seems to be  too harsh and lacks in purpose. In a country like ours, where  so called Political Leaders  milk the nation of Crores of tax payers money thorough corrupt practices and still get away with it, here is an educated  doctor has to undergo rigorous prison sentence in the company of  hardened criminals. What is the purpose of this punishment? Does it have any deterrent factor about it?

.There could have been  many ways to punish him.  Firstly, they could have suspended his license to practice for a year or two depends upon the gravity of the case.   Secondly   they should have made him to carry out certain number of hours of free medical community service for the needy under strict monitoring and control by the authorities. This would have served two purposes. One, the needy would have got the benefit of free medical services and time for the accused to repent his action and get back to the main stream of the society. However our Justice system thought otherwise. It threw the rule book at this accused and punished him by closing the door of the society on his face. This action is so  thoughtless and  heartless which will only create a frustrated and sour individual who will eventually turn against the Society once he comes out of the jail.  Ours is a society  which allows politicians with criminal backgrounds to decide the destiny of the nation and here we are making an example of a educated person which is going to  have  detrimental effect on his future.

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