Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear Mr.Pilot , You are part of the UPA Glass House Govt and please donot throw stone at Vibrant Gujarat. UPA-IIÃ balance-sheet is a story of overwhelming negatives and scams. From misused and wasted funds in the Commonwealth Games to massive irregularities in the allocation of precious natural resources such as coal, iron ore and spectrum, the scams have unspooled one after another, revealing brazen execution and complete disregard for norms of governance. Look at the tragedy of Uttarakand which is nothing but brazen man made misadvanture, led a congress handpicked govt which has killed over 10000 people and millions of people have been rendered homeless. Instead of learning from its mistakes and misadventures, this UPA government tried to clumsily cover up its tracks, bringing not just further ignominy on itself but earning the wrath of the Supreme Court which was hearing the coal block allocation case. PM Manmohan and his coterie of crooks has attempted to salvage its reputation by sacking Pawan Kumar Bansal and Ashwani Kumar from the Union cabinet and at the same time gave support to Kanimozhi to get reappointed to Rajyasabha bespite she is being jailed by the court and out on bail. Now it is trying to dilute the RTI Act by keeping all the political parties out of it's ambit. It shows that UPA govt holds institutions in contempt, be that the office of Comptroller and Auditor-General or the apex court itself. As it enters the final year of its second term, it will surely also reflect on the damage the scams have done to the image of the Prime Minister himself. UPA mismanagements has produced more enemies than friends in the world and even a small Island like Maldive has the temerity to blowup it's  nose on our face. Chinese army has been breaking into our border areas with impunity and all that we do is look otherway and wish them away.. that is how we deal with them.. Due to Tamil Issue, we have a simmering feud with Sri lanka. Pakistan and Bangladesh will never become our  friends  due to relegious ideology. The biggest screwup in recent times by UPA is the spoiling our relationship with the tiny neigbhour, BHUTAN, by stoping them subsidised Gas and energy supply. Eventually PM had the good sense to reverse the earlier decision and restore the facility which is nothing but a damage control act as seen by all of us.  If Modi is accused of marketing gimmicks, what about Delhi, run by grand old lady of congress,  Sheila dixit? what is her achievements in the last 9 years?? DELHI HAS BEEN NAMED RAPE CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY. DO YOU NEED TO SAY ANYTHING FURTHER MR.PILOT????

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