Monday, 2 September 2013

creating a nation of beggars

Moguls enslaved us for 330 years( 1526-1857), British ruled us from 1608 to 1947 for about 339 years. Let the bygone be bygone...Never since the Independence, we felt so helpless? The mammoth Food Security Bill which got passed by the UPA Govt is the biggest scam ever played on the people of India, making us slave of this mindless idea of feeding the poor of the country which stands at 67% of the population. What exactly is the purpose of this bill? Who is going to bear the burden of it? If one has to go back into the history, it is the same MM Singh who famously said that the days of freebees are over in India... Why this about turn from that stand?  One can understand the need to feed the poor students in the schools across India. But to feed the poor of the country at the cost of Tax payers money looks untenable . Are we going to make a nation of Food Slaves in this country? Prima facia, even if we accept this grandiose idea, do we have the required  infrastructures in place for the storage, logistic supply and distribution of Food grains to the needy across India?


The need of the hour is to create job for able bodied people of the country thereby increased the productivity. Unfortunately we are going create able bodied beggars out of this population which will be too happy to receive the alms. To feed the poor of the country under this FSB, we are surely end up importing  Grains from foreign countries which alongwith our Fuel bill is going play havoc in our Current Account Deficit. FSB is going to be the biggest burden of Yoke which middle class of the country has bear forever.

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