Sunday, 29 September 2013


This is an open rebuttal  to Madam Katrina Lantos Swett, the so called Vice chairperson of US Commission on International religious freedom.

First of all, there is no application from Mr.Narendra Modi, to visit your revered land. Prima facie, he is not interested in visiting your so called "land of opportunties"as he is busy seeking better opportunity in the land where he has born.

He is one of the strong candidate for the PM position for the election in 2014 and we hope he gets elected.  In such a hypothetical scenerio, will you still oppose his entry into your holy land? Or will the commerce take precedence over your warped up philosophy of human abuse ?

Since you have touched upon the human abuse and religious freedom, can you please explain the role of United states of America in protecting it around the world??

Let us start with your own history as seen by rest of the world:-

1. Whole world knows what you did with Red Indians, the original Americans. Remember "Soldier Blue"?? You guys butchered the entire tribe including men, women and children and took away their land. Few who are remaining are left in so called "camps" away from the rich and glory of the modern America.

2. Slavery- I don't have to read "uncle toms cabin "or "Roots"to understand the slavery in America, the sweat and blood on which Rich white folks built their fortune. It needed one great man, Abraham Lincoln to abolish it. How did you repay him?.. You simply killed him.

3. Racial abuse- Same story once again. Martin Luther fought for the blacks and you guys shot him dead. We are not talking about 19th century.

4. What about your role in Nicargua or chile where in you dethroned democratically elected govt and brought back dictators who kow towed to your foreign policies.

5. Vietnam, you fought and lost, killed a generation of people, despiteTiainaman square massacre, you still went ahead and sealed trade pacts with china,you guys went into Iraq in search of WMD and found nothing but went ahead and demolished Iraq and now rebuilding it. Who gets the contract?? American companies. Who gets the cheap Iraqi oil? Americans..This war what America's politicians call it "humaitarian intervention"efforts which has cost 655000 human lives.  You have nothing against George Bush or Dick Chehney, who are responsible for this modern day massacre???

6. You people supported Taliban, rather invented Taliban to fight the Russians and now you are fighting Taliban in Afghanistan.. why? because of one man Osama.. Now that he is dead, you are packing your bag and coming back.. Afghanistan is left to the vultures. Taliban will come to roost.

7. Despite Pakistan being a terror heaven and most failed nation in the world, you are still pumping billions of dollars  there  to meet your lopsided objectives. You carryout Drone attacks all over afghanistan and part of pakistan to flush out torrorists but donot touch terror camps which are flourishing in POK and their sole purpose is to attack India... You look otherway... India be damned...

8. America is unable to provide security to its own people, property. It is chronically suffering from  violent crimes in every  state due to lax gun laws resulting in lack of proper protection to it own citizens.

9. The US Patriot Act and Homeland Security have clauses  giving the govt  power to monitor and block internet content in the name of NSA. That is why it has revoked the passport of Snowden, the whistle blower,  and wants to prosecute him for treason whereas he shud be honored for taking the lid off this scam. Now that the lid has blown, Your President wants to bring about changes in the act which shows that Govt is guilty.

10. America has the largest prison population in the world and the abuse of prisoners in detention centres is no secret anymore. It is no secret that there are more black people in American Jails than in the entire History of Slavery combined!!!

It is a known fact that Ethnic minorities in US have been suffering systematic widespread institutional discrimination . The recent judgement of freeing a Security guard of killing a black boy is the classic case of descrimination(  Zimmairmann case). Due to the discrimination, the black joblessness in US stands at whopping 21% . Poverty among blacks stand at 27.4% compare to the 8% among whites. And you are talking about minorities being discriminated in Gujarat under Mr.Modi. Last 10 years or so after 2002, there has been peace and prosperity in Gujarat which includes minority community whereas there has been wide spread periodic ethnic violence in other congress govt led states in India to which you have no objection??

As per a recent report from US, the minority Hindus in Pakistan are most abused in the whole of world. Post partition, Hindus who were a healthy 18% in Pakistan, now stands at abysmal 2%, most of them forced to convert, balance killed and forced to leave the country. Have you ever tried to stop issuing visa to any of the Pakistani leaders from visiting Your greast country? Name one of them? Rather, Zardari, their president gets invited to white house for photoshoot with your president and dinner to boot with!!! You have no problem with Pakistani Govt, despite such a damning report. At the same time , same minority community, which was only 3% post independence stands at 18% of the current population and still growing and prospering including in Gujarat.

US own human right abuse and tarnished records does not give it a chance preach moral,legal or political rights to act as world's "human rights justice" and place itself above other countries of the world.  Watchdog commission like yours release reports on Human rights practices year after year to blame and accuse other countries whereas you are the epitome of such abuses. It's time we ask you to look at your own grave human rights problems, stop UNPOPULAR PRACTICES OF TAKING HUMAN RIGHTS AS A POLITICAL INSTRUMENT FOR INTERFERENCE IN OTHER COUNTRIES INTERNAL AFFAIRS, thereby smearing the names of people and nations image  for seeking your own strategic interests. It's time US stop using double standards on human rights and pursuing hegemony under the pursued pretext of protecting human rights. It's time you set your own home right.. You are in no position to comment over rehabilitiation of Mr.Modi which is most insane comment to come from the shores of America.. Narendra Modi does't need you.. but United States of America  may need his help once he becomes the Prime Minister of India.

I rest my case...

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