Monday, 30 September 2013


It is heart wrenching to go through the details of agony of the affected families in the aftermath of the Mazgaon building crash few days ago which resulted in death of over 61 people. In some cases, the entire families were wiped out and many were ended up orphans, homeless and destitutes.
The usual knee jerk reaction by the authorities by sacking, suspending and arresting the people who are responsible for this man made tragedy is not going to give any kind of relief to the affected families. What is the point in carrying out such reactive tactics aimed at calming the angry public whereas the proactive actions in time probably would have saved the people who perished in this crash. The most glaring fact is that the structure was under the care of BMC for quite sometime and their apathy and lethargic way of handling such issues is totally unacceptable. There are many more dilapidated buildings which are in the danger zone around Mumbai and the need of the hour is to take stock of the same and act on it without delay to prevent further loss of life and property.
What is dismaying is the comments by various Political leaders post tragedy, wherein everyone is talking about punishing the Guilty. It is easier for these Netas to sit on utopian heights and pass judgement on others, whereas they are equally responsible for this tragedy as the stack holders in the administration of the state. However the most annoying is the callous declaration of relief amounting to Rupees One lakh each to the next of kin of dead by Mr.Prathvi Raj Chauhan, CM of the state which is nothing but trivializing, dehumanizing and devaluing the common people who have perished in this tragedy. It goes to show the value of a common citizen's life in this mega city is cheaper than that of a pedigree dog.

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