Monday, 15 July 2013


Ajit Pawar sits inside a Glass House and throwing stone at others.. This is nothing but political harakiri..
He says Congress leaders in Mahrashtra are nothing but political criminals.. he is absolutely true.. Narayan Rane and Gurudas Kamat..., both are from Chembur, Mumbai comes with criminal backgrounds, and so many other congressmen. But what about NCP?? Corruption and criminal background goes hand in hand.. Take Ganesh Naik from navi mumbai.. literally built a Glass house on illegal lands on the banks of sea at CBD, belapur, Ourown greatchaggan Bujbaal, th eternal PWD Minster from NCP who has been skimming the treasury dry by one scam or the other Ramesh Jadhav, NCP chief who spent crores on his son's wedding, Padamsingh Patil, NCP leader who orchestored the killing of Pawanraje Nimbulkar in the year 2006, the list is endless...Irrespective of parties, majority of politicians in Mahrashtra have been involved in criminal and corruption cases from time to time and they are worse than UP and Bihar politicians who are anyway have set the benchmark in criminality.. Ajit pawar saved his skin in the controversy of"pissing in the dam"by the timely intervention of Sharad Pawar or else he wud have been sacked and got lost in the political wilderness. The long arm of the law is going to catch up with him in one of these days and his involvement in Irrigation scam is going to blow up in his own face.. then he will aveno placeto hide.. It's time he zips u his lips instead of shooting from hip...The people of the state is watching him..

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