Monday, 15 July 2013

building blocks...

Chidambaram is in USA and he is "SHITTING BRICKS "so to say... He wants to build India's economy "" BRICK BY BRICK"" and wants USA cooperation to achieve same...It's been over 65 years of our Independence and our country led by great Gandhi nehru family is still building Indian Economy brick by brick all these years, whereas the corrupt Congress Politicians have built their their own empires line...d with GOLD BRICKS.. Every one of the Congress Netas declared assets runs in crores and imagine what wud be their undeclared assets lying in India and abroad??? With Modi gaining popularity, congress is worried and have packed off our Finance Minister on a DESPERATE foreign sojourn to get the foreign investors to invest in India so that they cud save their face and ass. They pushed Fodd bill thru ORDINANCE which shows their desperation.. They wanted to win the good will of the people at any cost.. but we are not buying their arguments and falling into their tricks..

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