Friday, 5 July 2013


'warning from chinese General. Just before arrival of AK ANTONY on their soil...'This is expected of china and our foreign ministry will have some apologetic answer to suck upto them. Their soldiers, come and park inside Indian territory whenever they feel like having a week end picnic and all that we do is wait and watch and expect them to go on their own. Even a small island like Maldive has the balls to dare us and our companies which have invested billions of money in that island is now finding it difficult to get out of the mess and had to go to International courts for the settlement. Our foreign policy is in shambles. Pakistan want to cut us to size in Afghanistan. US keeps on giving free aid to Pakistan in the form of monetary and military hardware which is used against India. Terrorists have their terror training camps in POK and US is not bothered to go against them by using dron attacks. They have their own double standards while dealing with us. It has been recently revealed that Pakistan has even managed to penetrate and put their spy inside the US THINK TANK which means most of the US future international policies will be loaded heavily against us. This is a dangerous situation. We have porus borders with Bangladesh which has resulted in lakhs of muslim illegal immigrants  crossing over to Assam  and other states and occupying free Govt land thereby inciting ethic wars.They are supported by local politicians to use them as vote banks... We have problem with sri lanka since the annihilation of LTTE, we have shimmering problems with nepal, India is viewed as a weak and corrupt country by many western country who do business with us and the very reason why foreign corporate's donot bring in FDI into India due to our political system and policies which keeps changing in tune with collision dharma. We need a charismatic foreign minister who can articulate and impress upon other countries  in the international forums to press forward our needs and policies.  Pakistan always scored browny points over India  in terms of foreign polcies despite being declared as " terror state" by many western countries. We are surrendered by disloyal friends and dangerous enemies. As a nuclear state, we need not fear china. Pakistan uses same tactic with us by taking " first strike" option. We cannot afford to repeat another 1962 debacle with china. Let us show them that we are not paper tiger ....''

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