Sunday, 7 July 2013


N.D Tiwari who was in his eighties, caught frolicking in the bed in Govt guest house, with a girl fit to become his grand daughter, MP finance minister Raghvji who sodomized his servant is in his eighties, SP minister Rambabu Yadhav who asked for " chooza" ( girls between 18-20 years) is 71 years.. Money, Wine, woman and power, they will go to any length to have these things all the time.... Imagine these are people who despite having been involved in one case or the other, still managed to stick to power b'cos they were not proved guilty by the court...Our's is a country which gives long rope to these SOB politicians but gives short stick to rest of the mass... that is unacceptable ...that is the irony...All of us suffer from short memory...

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