Sunday, 14 July 2013

beware of chinese trick

So far it's been Pakistan which was flooding Indian Market with fake currency to destabilize Indian Economy. Now China also getting into this disturbing business. This act of China is much more dangerous than repeated incursion at our borders. China is known for duplicating  best of the goods in the world and they will be in a position to replicate Indian currency in millions which will lead to alround inflation in the country. This matter shud be dealt firmly by Govt agencies and a stern protest shud be lodged by us with Chinese highest authorities before it peaks out to uncontrolable levels. This seems to be a very dangerous, damaging and destructive attempt by the International gangs who are hell bent on destroying India's progress with the blessings of their own Govts. We cannot remain a mute spectator in this spooky sinister scheme unleashed on our soil. 

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