Sunday, 7 July 2013


As per a British scientist, bigger tragedies in the form of devastating earthquakes are waiting to happen in the Himalayan region. Govt needs to take note of all the aspects of mother nature into consideration before restarting the buildup of Uttarakand. The people of the country got very short memory and focus will be again on uncontrolled tourism at the cost of safety.It would be prudential on our part to rethink our approach to allow pilgrimage and mass tourism in such a dangerous and difficult terrain.Instead of concentrating all facilities near the temple just because it is a easier place to build there, the money, effort and ideas could have been put into development of towns with planned housing and other infrastructure, lower in the hills, well connected by technically advanced, safe mountain roads and tunnels. Govt also shud think of allowing temple visits only during day to avoid crowds and mushrooming of hotels and motels around shrines. This tragedy is a lesson on how not to be overpowered by greed for money. Our ancient civilization also knew how to cohabit peacefully with the nature. It is also a lesson on how not to tamper with Nature. It is easy to cut a tree to start with and end up destroying a full forest. As they say, it is easy to make pin prick in a paper and end up tearing it apart. Technology and commerce go hand in hand and shape lifestyle of people. New ideas are found almost on a daily basis but the difficulty is in deciding when, where and how much to use. The difficulty is to decide and in limiting it to catering to needs and not greeds. This tragedy is also a lesson on how to respect ancient traditions. Shifting of ancient temples or statues to make way for hydra projects without taking into consideration of local population beliefs and faith is not a right approach.

It is a lesson for us how every being on this planet has a role to play, be it a human, a tree or fauna or flora. Each one of us, supplement each other and help to maintain the eco system.That is the key to survival...

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