Sunday, 7 July 2013

brazen attitude??

CIDCO has been razing many shanties around navi mumbai including one which falls under CRZ. but not Ganesh Naik's Glass house.. why?? Why it needs someone petition to court ? Why High court has to get involved in everything that involves politicians. Why Politicians have become so thick skinned? why they donot follow rule of the land? This blatant misuse of power by Ganesh Naik and family has been going on in navi mumbai for decades and entire region has been manipulated and controlled by this family. Illegal Quarry work around navi mumbai has been going on with his blessing for ages and many hills around new mumbai region has been razed to the ground which will have great effect on ecology. What has happened in Uttarakand will be repeated around navi mumbai. Instead of protecting the Mangroves around navi mumbai, they have been systematically destroyed by the locals and builders, land sharks with the blessing of the guardian minister who few years ago suggested that mangroves may be cut to make way for infrastructures. It is people with myopic ideas who with their lopsided ideas destroy the country. The learned judge is right in giving only 6 weeks for the demolition of this illegal structure. I hope this order results in action and CIDCO does what it has been told.

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