Monday, 15 July 2013

LOOTERA..could have been better...

Saw "LOOTERA" other day...Went with high expectations after reading glorious reviews by all and sundry..Cameback somewhat dissppointed..Ranveer did a fine job so also Sonakshi Sinha.But nothing to rave about. After watching so many sic Karan Johar flicks, this movie was like a burst of fresh air... However felt that the role of Pakhi played by Sonakshi sinha was  tailor made for Vidya Balan who wud have given another dimension to it altogether...However the best acting award of the movie shud go to BARUN CHANDA who played the role of ageing well mannered LANDLORD father of Pakhi Sonakshi sinha. The  contemporary setting of the Jamindaari period  and the demise of it was well captured in the movie. Though the direction of the movie was languid in keeping with the slow pace of the movie, I found one major flow in the movie. Towards climax,  Hero who climbs the tree   to fix his Master piece painting of the "last leaf" loses his footing and falls down on the snow is captured in slow motion..which was almost identical to the scene from kangana rawat starer "Gangster" showing her falling to her Death to the ground in slow motion... Logically Director shud have ended  Ranveer's charactor there itself rather than hinging it further to be shot dead by Police..Overall movie gets a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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