Sunday, 30 June 2013


Having seen Raanjihanaa starring Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush, I am a bit perplexed. Disappointed altogether as I feel conned by the director who gave us the zany movie called " Tanu weds Manu". Let me make it very clear here that I have nothing against the lead star cast of the movie and this movie might resurrect the otherwise defunct career of Sonam Kapoor who so far was seen only in Cannes walking the red carpet and little elsewhere. As regards Dhanush, more talented and better looking actors like Kamal Haasan and R.Madhavan have tried and failed to impress Bollywood including his superstar Father-in-law Rajnikant.  He might end up as a "one trick pony"!!! However I feel ditched by the so called movie reviewers who on an average gave more than 3- star rating to this third rate movie which is nothing but a brutal attempt to legalize eve teasing which has been taken to a new height by this idiotic director. I am also going to be annoyed that this movie might end up touching the coveted bench mark of 100 crores in earnings and there will be further mad rush to make similar kind of movies. Apart from kicking myself , I will also  blame my fellow citizens for easily falling into  a carefully orchestrated trap set by the producers and their cronies  to lure them by way of repeated advertisement in every available space in print and TV medium.

 As a regular Hindi movie buff, I always enjoyed a certain amount of  good natured eve teasing in our movies which  played a very vital link in the way stories developed. Be it Dev Anand indirectly teasing Waheeda in a Train compartment singing" Uparwaala Jaankar anjaan hai" from the movie 'Kaala Paani' or him singing that famous song" whilePal bhar ke liye koi hume pyar kar le"  trying to get into the house of a dishy Hema Malini from various Windows and doors in the movie "Johny Mera Naam, Remember Raj Kapoor chasing 'Vyjayantimala' in the movie 'Sangam', singing  "Bol Radha Bol Sangam hoga ke nahi" wherein she conceeds " hoga, hoga, hoga". It is impossible to forget a  Macho rascal Veeru played by a Funny  Dharmendra trying "phatao"motormouth Hema Malini in a lifetime role of "Basanti", either chasing  her tonga or that insane scene of drunker speach from the top of a water tank to get approval from her Budiya Moshi in the movie "SHOLAY".  One has to recall that  sublime attempt by  madcap actor  Kishore Kumar wooing Madhubala in that evergreen comedy " chalti ka naam gaadi" crooning "ek ladki bheegi bhagi si". The rip roaring scene from the fabulous comedy movie " Padosan" in which  a village bumpkin Bola Sunil Dutt luring a modern Bindu played by Luscious Saira Banu, by  lip synching  song " Mere Saamne wala Kidiki me" with the help of his drama troup friends led by inimitable Kishore Kumar again. The wonderful scene wherein Rajesh Khanna chasing a train-bound dimpled beauty Sharmila Tagore in his jeep serenading famous  Kishore song" mera sapno ki rani ". Can one forget Shah Rukh Khan chasing a hesitant Kajol across the continent and in the end wins her as well her entire Pariwar. But the icing on the cake is when a girl chasing boy in the movie " Teesri Manzil" wherein Asha Parekh trying to cajole Shammi Kapoor to forgive her  in that  Asha Bhosle  special "oh mere sonare sonare". One could  recall  many more such beautifully crafted movie scenes from past bollywood movies. We loved such movies. laughed along with other audiences . Shed tears in buckets.... 

Now coming back to this movie Raanjhanaa...Why such thrash like Raanjhaana being produced? What is the role of our censor board members? How do they allow such movies with scary situations to get their approval.? As Shobha De mentioned somewhere in her movie review ( only sensible voice in this cacophony !), this kind of movies are going to affect the youth of the nation who will not accept NO for an answer from a one-sided love? what is the next step?? .. Throw acid on the very girl and maim her for life?..If I can't get you, no one else can have you?.. In the name of freedom of expression, Censor board has been forced to jettison the moral responsibilities altogether and allow all kind of thrash to be released for the general viewing of the public. Every other day, a new Gangster movie is released in every language across India, glorifying Gangsters.  Goonda, Goondagiri, Policegiri, to name a few....Some of the actors thrive in enacting the role of Gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Arun Gavli or some Shetty Gangster nicknamed as "Anna". Looks like everyone loves to play DON..Be it Sonu Sood or Rishi Kapoor.  They might take it as a privilege... The worst thing is the news that " Chakravyuh" has become a Anthem for Naxalites and Maoists. The leaders of these groups  encourage gullible youth of the region  who are fooled into accepting their flawed ideology and this movie is shown repeatedly to convince them. Prakash Jha, otherwise a sensible movie maker, should have known his social responsibilities and the impact his movies creates across the country. We can accept stupid movies from directors like David Daawan which are worth a chuckle but blood boils when capable directors like Mahesh Bhatt who go to desperate level of  introducing a porn star like Sunny Leone in his movie to titillate a section of sex starved Public.. His standrard defence is  that those who don't like it, dont watch it. Change the channel if you don't like it...Introducing his own daughter to the tempting world of bollywood is understandable. But Sunny Leone? She herself was pleaseantly surprised to have been accepted by the Indian mass. Jiah Khan had the looks and talent to succeed but failed whereas Sunny Leone gyrated into the bollywood to become a success.  She has even managed to dethrone Katrina Kaif from most googled star in the internet.. How fickle Indian Public is...I have been skeptical about the intentions of Mr.Mahesh Bhatt right from the time he opened up his mouth and uttered those spiteful line "I will heckle her with a sickle "while answering a question in Simi Grewal's show long back. Since then, he has not given me a chance to change my opinion.  What about Karan Johar, the current power house producer.. He is a capable producer/Director who, unfortunately  has given us nothing but eminently forgettable mushy films aimed at global viewers.His movies are marketed in every continent except may be Greenland...Atleast his movies are nothing but larger than life family drammas aimed at masses.

  With the tragedy of Uttarakand and even bigger challenge of rebuilding the state infrastructures and cleaning the poluted waters of fabled rivers running thru, we must take this opportunity to clense, clean and purge the industry from the clutches of those  people who has brought disrepute to our Film Industry as well.  They are the linchpins who are nicely entrenched in our Industry mesquerading as the Champions of Freedom of speach and expression...What kind of message we are leaving for the future generation? Is there someone who can give us some kind of assurance?

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