Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rita Tawade, BMC corporator from BJP opposed Shop window Mannequins becos it will increase the sexual desire of passerby...what weird logic from our so called peoples rep.. If she has the guts, she shud go and stop the live fashion models who walk the ramps in barely there clothes.. No .. she won't do it.. because the guys who watch the shows are from the Upper crest of the Society..who only watch the show but no touch.. We have seen scantly clad Jain Munis walk the street around Ghatkoper and women take their blessings .. Is there any sexual feelings??.. Any action against them Mrs.Tawde? These so called moral conscious keepers of the city are ok with Sunny Leone gyrating to some stupid song on silver screen or Madhuri Dixit rubbing her tits into Anil Kapoor's nose in the movie "beta". Nothing wrong there...Any amount of skin flick on the screen is no big deal.. but poor lifeless Mannequins are a threat to the society...We live in a funny funny world...

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