Sunday, 16 June 2013


The cutting of Mangroves for paving way for Railway track neear Nerul-sea wood is little disturbing!!! Though CR has given an undertaking to High Court that they will relay the mangroves after the completion of railway work which is expected to take over 3 years minimum. Having seen the wanton destruction of Mangroves around city for years, the gut feeling is that builder lobby around this area will surely gobble up this stretch of land in no time and CR will end up fighting a futile battle which will go on in courts forever. Though CR has laid pipes under the newly laid road for sea water to run through for the survival of the mangroves on the landside, I am sure, some criminal minds might find a way to block the passage of the sea water( by dumping debries at the mouth of the pipes) which will result in death of mangroves from bigger area.
The NGO which is involved in "SAVE MANGROVES"must keep a close watch on this patch of road and monitor the activities of builders around and ensure CR lives upto their promise of relaying the mangroves..These Mangroves are life line of Mumbai Island without which whole city will be "swamped by sea  one day....
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