Friday, 28 June 2013


In the wake of shooting of Abu Salem inside the Taloja Anda cell, officials admit that smuggling articles into prison is common. This is the defeatist attitude which needs to be curbed at once. Frisking of every person who enter and exit is a must without exception. Air passengers can't even carry a cig.lighter into the aircraft and here we are allowing guns into the jail.. Bcos of the lax jail supervision, all kind of goods, like guns, cigaretes, whisky, drugs, medicnes, favorite foods, are smuggled into the jails by paying a premium bribe to jaul officials which has been going on for ages without anybody bothering the very system. It is time Mr.R,R,Patil our home minister takes a hard look at the whole system and ensure remedial action.If Abu Salem uses this opportunity to stake his claim to get repatriated to Portgul jail, then it wud be a slap on Indian Judiciary whcih we cannot afford.

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