Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The unabatted killing of Tigers in Vidharbha region by the habitual pouchers  is alarming to say the least!! .As per the report, pouchers have killed five tigers and there could be more!
 Pouching is not limited to Vidharbha only. We have been losing our One horned Rhinos to Pouchers steadily for the last few years in Assam and despite big hue and cry in the paper by the animal activists, nothing has really changed.  The crux of the problem is the very weak laws concerning the pouching in India, which allows the pouchers to get out on  bail and resume pouching again.. Once a Poucher life time poucher..
 The reasons for thriving pouching business are plenty.  Main being very few security personnel to guard a vast area of the forests, too many porus entries, corrupt officials,  ever ready Indian and foreign buyers and easy money to earn. Unless we strengthen our Laws concerning pouching, these killings will continue and the day will come when we will  be able to watch these exotic animals only in  stuffed condition in Museums... That day is not far off... 

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