Saturday, 15 June 2013

We fail to understand the reservation shown by Mr.Sharad Pawar in passing the much needed FOOD SECURITY BILL. Had this bill passed, more than half of the poplution of the country wud have legally got food grains at a cheaper price.This matter has been pending since 2009 and still refered back to parliament for further debate. As we see it, once this bill is passed, pawar's mega rich friends frommaharashtra might lose out on making more money which will erode his power. Millions of tons of food grains are wasted across the country for want of proper storage facility and Pawar does't have time to look into the matter. He has now taken up residence in mumbai with an eye to contest election of MCA which shows his tendency to act like octopus by spreading his tenticles everywhere.. As Agriculture Minister, he is answerable to the people of India and he must support FOOD SECURITY BILL without any reservation...With inflation touching alarming levels, this is the need of the hour....

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