Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Natural leader or Natural Heir?????

""Narendra Modi has to establish himself in BJP before challenging others.".thoughless comments from Ajay Meken, one of the congress neta from delhi . Narendra Modi has already proven to the rest of the country by his astute leadership quality by managing Gujarat and his elevation to national level by the BJP think tank if the result of his proven ability. Ajay Meken first look at his own party where dynasty rules.. What credentials Rahul Gandhi has got to lead the nation?? He lost out in Bihar and UP despite being made election Head. Breaking roti and sitting on charpai and getting himself photograpged with some remote UP former is not going to impress us and he cannot fool us with such gimmicks. However the most hopless comments are from our own PM.Mr.Manmohan singh who says that "Rahul is Natural Leader of UPA-3" Actually Rahul is "natural Heir " to nation because this position has been usurped by the famous Nehru-Gandhi family, First it was Jawaharlal nehru, followed by Indira Gandhi, then Rajiv Gandhi, then Sonia Gandhi missed it by a whisker being a Italian, now way is cleared for Rahul Gandhi to take charge. This sorry state of affairs is the the poor leadership by Congress and alround  looting of the country since the Independence by the so called netas....

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