Friday, 28 June 2013

tareek ka baad tareek,tareek ka baad tareek!!!!

Remember the Sunny Deol Movie "Damini" in which he acted as Lawyer and tells the court " Tareek ke baad Tareek..tareek ke baad tareek"  ...That scene reflected the stark naked truth of misuse of Court proceedings by the Lawyers, judges and of course litigants.... Lakhs of cases still pending in the courts for decades for various reasons in INdia. Though fast track courts have started disposing off some of the recent criminal cases due to public outcry, it is still a far cry when it comes to decide on civil cases, especially corruption cases. This has given way to famous lines in movies saying"Yanhaa der jaroor hai magar andhera nahi he..." Well.. the attempt by the central Govt to discuss these delay matters with SC  and fine the judges if they are instrumental for the delays is  a decision in the right path.  From a layman's  point of view, cases shud be disposed off within 10 to 12 months from the filing date of the case. Govt also shud ensure that all the vacant positions of the judges in various courts across India is filled up so that people get justice in good time.  

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