Monday, 17 June 2013


We are "Resilient by Force, not by choice" famous dialogue by Great actor Naseeruddin Shah from the movie "The Wednesday"... It is the uncanny ability of Mumbaikars to return to normalcy in the face of adversity.. While saluting this die-hard spirit, dissolutioning fact is their apathy, attitude towards co passengers which is rather very disheartening...Take the case of Ms.Purva Bhogle who thrashe...d a pervert in the ladies compartment on 24th June for groping her and handed over him to police while rest of the female passengers were non cooperative, non-committal and mute spectators!! Those who opened their mouth only advised her to let him go!!
This attitude does't limit to females only. Same story with males as well. The unwritten travel policy is not to get involved in any 3rd party matter!!!Who has the time to go to police, be a witness etc...Not to bother unless it bothers you.... Instead of helping accident victims, people leave them to their deathly fate, to be attended
belatedly by the police.. These incidents keeps happening around us everyday and we do nothing about it... However, here the non-commitment is by choice and not by force.. that is the prize we pay for the urban life! Apnaa Haath Jaganath!!!

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