Saturday, 15 June 2013

have you guys heard the news and seen the clip of BSP MP SHAFIGUR REHMAN BURQ walking out of the Parliament last week when VANDE MATHURAM was being played? The reason given by this AH is that his religion does't permit or respect this Song.. This kind of thinking by so called Muslim MPs is creating a CHASM and untrust between the religions. Under the so called cover of SHRIA law, they are able to get away with such mindless act which is nothing but a slap on every one of us. What this MP needs is a slap on his face. How can they represent us in the parliament. They are so shallow and narrow minded and preach hatred. Why the speaker of the parliament has not taken any action against this MP? We the people of the free INdia wants an answer to such a cowardly act. No one is forcing them to sing.. But have respect to your own country. If they don't like the ways of life in India, then they are free to leave.. go to Pakistan or Bangladesh or to Saudi.Then only they will realise how fortunate they are in India...kick his ass....Mayavathi must take action against her so called MP...

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