Monday, 17 June 2013

Flight of Building files from BMC!!

As per the Report appeared in The Hindustan Times, around 5997 building related files seems to be missing/misplaced indicating the nexus between builders and officials from BMC. This is a freightening numbers but there could be thousands of more files which must have been destroyed to suppress the irregularity associated with these buildings. Routinely, every file when it is circulated around is properly marked, entries made to ensure that they are dealt in time  by the officers dealing with it. It is evident that a big racket is  played in the corridors of BMC involving big money. As reported in the HT, it is time, a better method needs to be adopted by BMC by way of taking a back up digital copy of each file which can stored safely and only  few authorized personnel may be given permission to handle it in an emergency. BMC commissioner Mr. Sitaram Kunte needs to act on it without further delay.

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