Saturday, 29 June 2013


What exactly is the problem with our PM ? Saw the clip showing him surveying the flood affect Uttarakand while flying high in a helicoptor. While Madam Soniya sat with her stony face, MMsingh managed to sit like a Sphinx throughout the tour ..Same expressionless face while delivering  speech at Red Fort or attending economic forum.. They need to learn from other leaders of the world especially Obama.  He never let go a chance to connect with common folks..He visits the hospitals and homes of the Gunshot wounded families and sheds a tear for them. hugs the students who are emotionally drained , salutes the coffins of dead soldiers of war with due respect, tours the typhoon affected areas with a Grim face. He  challenges  Al-Queda or Taliban with  courageous speech with conviction . This is what Leaders are expected to do and people expect them to do.This kind of interaction uplifts the mood of the people even in the face of grim tragedies.  It allows leaders to bond with the common folks.

 Apart from declaring 1000 crores for the relief, ideally PM  shud have appeared on the national TV immediately to declare unconditional support for the affected people and the state. At the same time, cutting across  the party line, he should have appealed to other party leaders and the big Corporates across the country for the material and monetary help. This shud have been the right approach and I am sure all the parties would have come together to reach out to the affected people. This wud have been a master stroke and could have boosted UPA's image. What did we get instead??  Catfighting Politicians trying to score political brawny points even in the face of such monumental tragedy which has sullied the image of the country in the eyes of the world. 1000 crores is not enough to rebuild the state. How much of it will really reach the needy people is the question...MM Singh needs to come out of his cocooned shell and show the country that he is in control of the situation. He need to shed his meek and weak image and show his country that nobody else spins the coin for him.. He needs a image makeover at once.

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