Saturday, 15 June 2013

shortcut Romeo, movie starring Neil Mukesh and Pooja Gupta has been given U/A certificate by Censor board b'cos of kissing scenes.. this is hillarious!!!!.. Are we in 21st century or going back to stone age??Indian Cinema had kissing scenes for ages and all these movies were not necessarily given U/A certificate.. who are these Monks sitting at the censor board.?? They get to watch all kind of scenes from movies from different languages across India and must be getting really high on so called objectionable scenes... If you are watching any hollywood flicks which shows bit of boobs or buttocks, immediately same are smoked out..leaving us panting desperately for the rest of the movie..All these censor guys act like st.peters and mother teresas of the world....curse you guys from the bottom of my heart...

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