Wednesday, 26 June 2013

REvoke Article 370and retain AFSPA in JK

How long we continue to appease minority community in JK by guaranting them continued special status in the form of Article 370?  Omar Abdulla does't want to revoke AFSPA but when it comes to ARTICLE 370, he wants it to continue  forever. The 1974 Indira-Sheikh accord mentions that " The State of Jammu and Kashmir which is a constituent unit of the Union of India, shall, in its relation with the Union, continue to be governed by Article 370 of the Constitution of India " .
Indian citizens from other states can not purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir. But what about the lakhs of  Kashmiry Pandits who have been thrown out of the state by the so called minority community? How long they are going to live in the transit camps in other states? What about the land and other properties of these people which has been usurped by these minority community? LK Advani is right in asking for the revoke of Article 370 which in essence supposed to be in force for a short period but almost 40 years has passed since the implementation of this special status. This appeasement of minority community and vote bank politics by the Congress Party must stop. We are not against Govt providing them with the modern infrastructures. The recently innuagurated Rail link is good for the state. But at the same time, the displace pandits needs to be broughtback and given their rightfull place under the sun..

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