Sunday, 23 June 2013


I was flabbergasted to read the article by Karan Thapur in today's Hindustan Times under the title " A bit of a Gatecrasher". Ever since Narendra Modi walked out of his TV Interview, I believe, Thapur has been nursing a grudge against him. On one hand, he says that he is the only CM to visit Uttarakand in the aftermath of the tragedy which as per him, is nothing but for publicity. Modi arranged for the evacuation of the stranded tourists from Gujarat and ensured that top officials of his state are physically available to monitor it. He has even offered to rebuild Kedarnath shrine. In the face of such a mammoth tragedy, it is too mean of Thapar to term it as an opportunistic visit. The ruling Congress party headed by Vijay Bahuguna has failed miserably and has done precisely nothing as the entire state machinery was caught napping. Our mouni swami PM and Soniayaji took an aerial view of the affected area and very grandiously declared 1000 crores as relief money which is nothing but tax payers' money... May I ask Karan Thapar one thing? In the face of this great calamity, where is our dear Rahul Baba?? I believe he is holidaying somewhere in Spain or Italy...Affected people be damned... Had it not for Indian Army, we wud have been counting the death in the region of 50000 plus. Karan Thapar has got his brain firmly stuck between his legs.. Finding fault with Modi for everything has affected his equilibrium altogether..Narendra Modi does't need a certificate from you Thapar.. Except for you, I don't think there will be another soul in this country who will question the visit of Mr.Modi to Uttarakand.. that too in the face of such a calamity.. Shame on you .. take a walk...It is people like you who puts wrong ideas into the minds of gullible people.. You will remain a stooge of Congress for rest of your life... WE ARE LOOKING FOR CHANGE  and MODI IS THE GUY WHO CAN BRING ABOUT THAT CHANGE...

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