Saturday, 15 June 2013

Have you guys come across a small article in today's times of India stating"why courts gets closed for summer holidays "???. This is a very thought provoking article and I fully agree with the views of the auther. This is a system started during British Era in India and the courts/judges are forced to go on holidays due to unebearable heat during the summer months for lack of any air-conditioningfacilities. With the invent of AIR-CONDITIONING and other bearable amenities, there is no need for judges to go on summer holidays as they can now conduct the court procedures under condusive envornment. In our country lakhs of cases are pending for want of speedy judgementsant of competant judges and other procedural delays, it can be termed as criminal waste of precious time by keeping the courts closed.. Constitutional changes shud be brought abt to change this stupid system and we must ensure that the Courts are kept open just like any other Govt.Offices which will help us to bring down the pending cases to an acceptable level...

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