Saturday, 15 June 2013

I happned to watch CM PRATHVIRAJ CHAUHAN, on the programme "RTH" ( RIGHT TO HEAR) other day.. Many issues concerning Mahrashtra was thrown at him by eminent personalities like Anil Dharkar, ashok pandit and others. Though he was evassive to many tricky questions, over all he seems to be well- informed and could able to reply in very articulate English which has come as a surprise. We had a legion of CMs like Narayan Rane, Manohar Joshi and few others who spoke nothing but Marathi whereas the current CM cud able to speak and reply in Good English has come as a surprise to many of us.Maharashtra being a cosmopolitian state, we need a CM like him who so so far has able to stay away from any corrupt practices. Only problem as one can understand is that of "collition"politics which has tied his hand to no end which has allowed inept and corrupt ministers like Bhujbal, ganesh naik, ajit pawar and many others to get away with loot of the state. I hope things change..

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