Saturday, 15 June 2013

28 persons were killed in cold blood in a daring attack by naxalites in chattisgarh. this is the biggest human loss after the death of over 75 soldiers last year. We changed our home minister shivajirao patil and brought in V.Chidambaram who made some right noises before Sushil kumar shinde was brought in .. When this cycle or circus was going on, we kept losing our uniformed men ... for what? forlack of a proper plan to tackle this manacing issue which is a far greater enemy than China, pakistan and bangladesh put together. These countries send their terrorists from outside whereas these naxalites are home grown and they have grown like cancer within the country. What we lack is will power to tackle this issue. Screw the international or other watch dog associations.. If Sri lanka can bring abt a end to LTTE issue, if we cud handle Kalistan issue.. why not this problem?Bring in the army.. treat this issue as a national calamity.. No more knee jerk actions.. what we need is a correct policy..that is to eradicate this thorny issue once for all...

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