Saturday, 15 June 2013

In terms of development, Modi led Gujarat is the best state in India, this is what Infoysis management observed few days back.. Reaction... Income tax people slapped Infoysis with 582 crores of rupees tax... This is like emergency revisited..... This UPA govt has got CBI dancing to their tune, They send Tax hounds to hunt down those who oppose them..Ajit pawar can piss in the dams and still walks free... Suresh kalmadi walks free.. Raja walks free.. kanimouzi walks free..BSP supremo mayavati walks free despite amasing crores in the name of party.. spent crores of tax payers money on building bronze elephants in the UP parks..whereas poor don;t get two square meals a day in the country.. SP supremo is out on the street despite having dozen cases against him bços he supports UPA on key issues... but jagan mohan, son of YSR who dared congress by forming another party..still rots inside the jail...And we call ourself Biggest Democracy in the world.. Who is buying this argument???

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