Saturday, 15 June 2013

Arjen Robben the man who scored winning goal in the UFA champion ship against Borusia dortmund in the finals richly deserves the man of the match title. . His brristling runs in the right flank and his lethal finishes with left foot have become folklore in the Europe. He has been a much maligned player who has now redeemed himself with this fantastic winning goal and his coordination with FrankRibbery is a treat to watch for all the soccer lovers across the globe. German Football has once again revived with two german teams fighting it out in the UFA final and it wud be very difficult for any of the EPL teams including Man.United to match the flair of German artistry in the coming years. If Chelsea wins Europa cup, it wud be a fantastic scenerio to watch the match between Bayarn munich and chesea. Let us hope it is going to become a classic match with Torres and frank lampard leading Chesea attack and Arjen Robben and Frank Ribbery weaving their magic for B.munich....

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